Nerd Out Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Next Generation App

The Nerd Out app is launching a Kickstarter campaign to support the release of the next generation of Nerd Out.

Nerd Out, which has been available for Apple and Android devices since August 2015, is planning a second version to improve the users’ experience. This next generation app will be much smaller in size and will include new features that will make the app more user-friendly and geekier than ever. But to do so, they need your help!

What would the new app include?
  • More locations and geolocation. The current version has 35 locations. The new app would make it easier to add events, so the number of events and locations would increase. Their first focus is to fill out the United States and the United Kingdom, which will be followed by Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. From there, the app would open to new countries. The app would also be able to pinpoint the user’s location along with the ability to look up other locations.
  • Filters. This is one of the main additions to the app and one of the most requested ones. Users would be able to search events by price, age and content. Eg: cosplay meetings, events for kids, dates, etc.
  • Get social! The new app would improve on the friending option by making finding and adding faster and more user-friendly. The app’s wall would also be improved with the ability to use hashtags and tag other users. There would also be a messaging option with cute geeky stickers like the ones you can see below.


Unfortunately, since the current app is currently built on a template, there are many limitations that slow down productivity. The creators’ goal is to keep improving their product to make it a much easier and fun experience for everyone involved.

How can you help?

Everyone who wishes to contribute to the new Nerd Out app can help by supporting their project on Kickstarter. The money raised by this project will go towards hiring geek Zach Van Ness of Breue as their developer. A small portion will also be used to purchase the t-shirts, phone cases, and stickers.

If you’re not able to contribute to the cause with money, you can still help by spreading the word, sharing the campaign, and using the hashtag #NerdOut on social media.


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