If you’re tired of having to keep track of Facebook events and many other sites not to miss any geeky events are you, then Nerd Out is here to make things way easier for you.

Nerd Out is a free, nerd event calendar app. This app collects different geeky events in your city such as Comic Conventions, Lightsaber Battles, Geeks Who Drink, Geek Girl Brunch, Galliday Disney Day, and many more. Among other things, the app allows nerds to build their own schedule, connect with other people and even submit their own events.

As of now, listings include 24 cities in the USA, and 2 other locations in the UK (London and South East England). The Nerd Out team adds locations every couple weeks and chooses where to go next by popular demand. You can request your city by sending them an email (info@nerdoutapp.com) or messaging them on their social media. If you would like to submit a (public) geeky event in your city, you can do so here (but keep in mind that the event host is responsible for notifying Nerd Out of any changes to the event!).

Nerd Out is available both for iPhone on the App Store and for Android on Google Play.

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