NBC’s Good Girls Is Back With Season Three

Good Girls Season 1

Good Girls season three starts on February 16th! The past two seasons of Good Girls (on Netflix) showed us the nice and complicated relationship between our three main characters, Beth Boland, Ruby Hill, and Annie Marks.

The Characters Of NBC’s Good Girls

Beth is a housewife that realized her husband has wasted away all of their money. Annie ran into money trouble when she found out she had to fight her ex-husband for custody of their child. Ruby cannot afford the life-changing medication or future transplant surgery for her daughter’s illness. They decide to steal from a local grocery store, the same one Annie works at. They steal more money than they thought and find out they stole from a local gang.

Annie Marks

Annie Marks is the younger sister of Beth and a friend of Ruby. While in the middle of the robbery, Annie’s boss sees her tattoo. This leads him to figure out who the group is but blackmails Annie instead of going to the cops. Before anything can happen, Beth knocks him out and they both tie him up, placing him in the tree-house at Beth’s house. 

Mae Whitman, Annie Marks, in Good Girls season 1.
Credit: NBC, Minnesota Logging Company, Universal Television

Annie is a confident free spirit that is always falling for the guy that is not good for her. First, it’s with Greg, ex-husband, and then Noah, the FBI agent who is posing as a grocery store manager. After finding out that Noah is an FBI agent, Annie confronts him and they try to break up. Since Sadie is still attached to Noah, they come back together a little stagnant. I really think their relationship is going to work out in Good Girls season three. Annie seems to be freezing him out after learning that everything he told her has been a lie, even that he has his own child in Arizona.

Ruby Hill

Ruby has this wonderful family with a loving husband. Out of the three girls, her life is the most put together and dream-worthy.  At the start of the series, her daughter Sara has kidney problems and the medication she needs to take is more than the Hills can afford.  This is what pushes her to rob the grocery store.  The next day, she finds out Stan, her husband, is going into the academy to become a police officer.

Retta, Ruby Hill, in Good Girls.
Credit: NBC, Minnesota Logging Company, Universal Television

Throughout season one, you can see how much it is taking a toll on Ruby to be lying to her husband and continue with this life. After paying for Sara’s transplant surgery, Stan finds out the three girls are the ones that robbed the grocery store. After a lot of convincing from Ruby, he begins to help them make sure they do not get caught. Stan had to go on leave while going through a police investigation into his own life because the evidence on the girls went missing while he was on shift. Going into season three, their relationship is stronger than ever. Ruby seemed extremely relieved at the moment Stan reluctantly accepted their new situation.

Beth Boland

Beth is a resilient woman who found out her husband had been cheating on her with his younger assistant. While trashing her husband’s office in a fit of drunkenness and blind rage, she found bills showing that they had barely any money left and had taken out three mortgages on the house. When her husband came home, instead of focusing on the affair, she focused on the money problems.

Christina Hendricks, Beth Boland, in season 2.
GOOD GIRLS — “King” Episode 213 — Pictured: Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland — (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

This is of course when she definitely decides to go through with the robbery. Once the gang approaches them about the money they had stolen, they strike a deal with them to pay them back in completed jobs. Beth seems to blossom under the new life of crime, becoming more confident and crafty as each job takes place. She takes on a leadership position between the three. She becomes the one to communicate with the gang leader they have run into trouble with, Rio. Beth, in Good Girls season three, seems to be trying to interweave her life as her own crime boss and as a housewife. There seems to be an attempt by Beth and the husband to come back together as husband and wife. But of course, in the shadows on his favorite picnic table in Beth’s yard, Rio (possibly) makes his entrance back into the girls’ life.

Rio A.K.A. Gang Friend

From the very first episode till now, we know barely anything about Rio, affectionately named Gang Friend by Annie.  He has a son named Marcus, an ex-wife, and a thing for redheads with confidence and sass. Beth and he continuously revolve around each other. They seem to love playing their own game of cat and mouse. While you would think Rio would always be the person in charge, Beth likes to push his buttons to see how far she can push him. Much like the way in season one when she called him an idiot while he had a gang member hold a gun to her head. 

Manny Montana who plays Rio.
Credit: NBC, Minnesota Logging Company, Universal Television

Because Good Girls loves to hold back information and give us a trailer only to show what they want us to see, Rio only has a moment within the trailer. We even have to guess from that point on if it’s even Rio, but there is a big hint at who it is considering the same exact staging had happened in the previous two seasons.

Heading Into Good Girls: Season Three

Beth Boland in season one was in a stand-off with Rio while her husband was tied to a chair. In season two, we leave Beth having just shot Rio, freeing the FBI agent with a personal vendetta against her. Ruby and Stan have never been more honest with each other, much to both of their displeasure. Beth lets her husband stay after learning that they don’t have enough money to get him out of the house.

She began her own, along with the girls, a money counterfeit empire. Annie is trying to figure out what she is going to do with Noah. I can only hope that before Rio shows up, the girls have a good understanding of what they are doing. That way they can keep up with him and become partners rather than just being a part of his system.

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