There’s always a crime to solve in Nancy Drew’s world and especially in Nancy Drew #2. Whether it is about an old mystery, a new mystery, or one of her new found friends’ mother’s death. There is no time to sleep in Nancy’s world. However, things go South when a dead body is found, a cute very cute boy shows up, and her friends think she is missing.

What could possibly go wrong in Nancy Drew #3? Well, we are here to talk about what just happened and why Kelly Thompson is a powerhouse of a writer on Dynamite’s Nancy Drew #2. On this issue, we have the powerhouse back: Kelly Thompson as writer, Jenn St-Onge as artist, Triona Farrel as colorist, and Ariana Maher as letterer.

If you haven’t read our first review, what are you doing! We spoke highly of the first issue, and we are going to speak highly of this one in the same manner. Everyone knows the story of Nancy Drew, again, if you want a quick synopsis — check out the previous review here.

Can We Talk About The Art, Though?

Jenn St-Onge and Triona Farrel do an outstanding job on the art. Everyone has a first cartoon/animated crush (Danny Phantom, anyone?) But, this is just too far. These characters are adorable, and Nancy looks absolutely delightful.

What we love about this series so far — and we praised last time — is the speech bubbles. Nancy uses lined paper as her thought bubbles and it adds such a great context to who she is. (Also we were told we were correct about it being a notepad idea.)

So Much Incredible Diversity To Look At!

Each of these characters looks unique, from Pete to Joe to Bess. What often happens sometimes in comics is the characters can look quite similar if there’s so many in one issue. Nonetheless, in this particular series we know and remember each character for their personality (shout out to writing by Kelly), and by the manner they are drawn.

Not only that but, there is so much inclusiveness and diversity it makes our heart sing. You have a mixed character (Pete) on board, who seems interested in Nancy — which means an interracial relationship or something of the sort forming.

You have Bess Martin who is not the accustomed “skinny girl” trope (nothing wrong with it, but inclusiveness is fantastic). Super exciting to see more than just the conventional characters here in this comic. Just because your thighs touch does not mean you aren’t gorgeous because you are! Truly, the list goes on with each character. They all have qualities that stand out and that is because of the dream team we have behind this series.

Ugh, Thank You Nancy Drew #2 Dream Team!

The writing, which we have praised before, by Kelly is beyond our expectations. When you think of a comic you know and love, or even a character, you expect it to be a certain way. Kelly exceeds that and adds a flair that we know and love from Kelly. If you are aware of Kelly’s previous work, i.e. Hawkeye is one of them, then you know how great of a writer and creator Thompson is.

That is shown in this series so far. And, we can expect it will continue to only get better and higher from here. We rarely review second issues, or series, unless they are truly liked and this is one we won’t hesitate to miss. If you are looking for a great, youthful, comic this is it.

It has everything you need it for a summer comic read: friends, romance, mysteries, and some fantastic creator on board to follow. If you missed the first issue, read it and catch up, then come and read Nancy Drew #2 and end with even more questions.

Trust us when we say, this is a comic you do not want to miss.

Nancy Drew #2 by Kelly Thompson, Jenn St-Onge, Triona Farrel, and Ariana Maher.
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