The great Kelly Thompson is back and with Dynamite’s new series Nancy Drew. As a huge fan of Nancy Drew in general (especially from the 90s short-lived show), this could not come at a better time. The team behind Nancy Drew #1 is Kelly Thompson (Hawkeye) as writer, Jenn St-Onge as artist, Triona Farrel as colorist, and Ariana Maher as letterer.

Nancy Drew #1
Nancy Drew #1 by Dynamite Publishing 2018.

There are some variant covers as well from a series of great artists you can check out. So, everyone knows the story of Nancy Drew, right? She’s a young — usually — teen or college student who solves crimes/cases. She is incredibly smart and strong-willed and always on the case, and — a majority of the time — always solves them.

Nancy Drew #1 Has The Same Ol’ Nostalgic Feel

Nancy Drew #1 brings out the tween Nancy. She is seventeen in this comic and good at everything, especially solving crimes. You could say that’s her thing. However, Nancy’s totes, in control, and perfectly smooth life hits a halt. When Nancy receives a mysterious message that drags her back to the hometown she wanted to leave behind. Who could it be?

Along the way, she will have to find out which friends are still her friends, and which are enemies. It’s not easy being seventeen, especially not for Nancy. She also needs to break the case… who exactly is trying to kill her? And, can she stop them before they succeed?

Pop Culture In Comics = W I N

We are lovin’ the era of adolescent pop culture moments coming back to life. We had CLUELESS and now we have Nancy Drew. And, with Kelly Thompson and her team behind Nancy Drew #1 this comic can only go perfectly. And… it did.

Kelly Thompson — who writes one of my favorite versions of Hawkeye’s Kate Bishop — is a powerhouse. The writing that Thompson does truly brings out a character, nostalgia effect or not. In this case, Nancy Drew is a character we are all aware of. The Hardy Boys in the same effect. We know these characters and have a nostalgic connection to them all.

Nancy Drew #1
Nancy Drew #1 by Dynamite Publishing 2018.

The team of Nancy Drew #1 excels in this first issue. They bring — not only The Hardy Boys in — but, they bring the adolescence of Nancy Drew. As stated before, usually she is a teen or college student. Never too much older than that. In this comic, she is placed at seventeen. Still in high school, and still an incredibly strong main protagonist.

A Perfect Issue With A Perfect Team Behind It

Aside from boasting up Thompson’s… everything. We will boast about the art team; so, each one of these artists — Jenn St-Onge, Triona Farrel, and Ariana Maher do an incredible job. Again, since it is an adolescent comic, it needs to be drawn and colored in an adolescent way. The nostalgia effect would be nothing without it. Nonetheless, Nancy Drew #1 is not only a perfect issue writing-wise, art-wise it is a knock out of the park, too.

Nancy Drew #1
Nancy Drew #1 by Dynamite Publishing 2018.

These characters all look distinct in their own personal way. From Nancy’s hometown pals to her new pals, they are all uniquely drawn. Plus, we get quality LGBTQIA+ representation with her hometown friend. You’ll see. (Happy PRIDE month!)

Final Verdict = 100% A Must-Read!

If you are looking for a fun and entertaining first issue of a promising comic, look no further than Nancy Drew #1. The plot is intriguing, the art is outstanding, and the writing is so much like Nancy. Another note that we want to mention is the lettering and speech bubbles/boxes. In certain areas, when Nancy is talking (to herself, mostly) it is lettered/written on lined paper. Seemingly like a journal entry, or more like she’s inside of her head. That is such an enjoyable experience. As Nancy Drew, she is someone who solves crimes.

Nancy Drew #1
Nancy Drew #1 by Dynamite Publishing 2018.

How we think about it is, that’s her notepad to write clues on. As if she is always speaking in preparation for solving a case. That is a small detail to add, but a great detail, nonetheless. Again, if you want a comic that is lighthearted, nostalgic, and genuinely a great read — Nancy Drew #1 has got it all.

Nancy Drew #1 by Kelly Thompson, Jenn St-Onge, Triona Farrel, and Ariana Maher.
100%OPEN CASE!!!
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