Meet Dani, the dragon. She may look like an average human, but she’s actually a dragon taking human form! Dani’s a cryptid who can choose how humans see her. Why would a dragon choose to disguise herself as a human? Well, Dani really wants women to find her cute.

My Dragon Girlfriend #206 Christy over Casey who is lying facedown. Dani asking about cat
My Dragon Girlfriend #206 (Courtney Scriven)

Christy unquestionably finds Dani cute. Welcome to My Dragon Girlfriend, a GL webcomic written and illustrated by Courtney Scriven under the pen name Fawnduu. Let’s jump into this cute and silly slice of life webcomic.

The Story Of My Dragon Girlfriend

The webcomic begins with Christy on a date that went from terrible to dangerous. Dani noticed this man refusing to let Christy go home and quickly stepped in. When he showed no signs of leaving she turned into her true dragon form and successfully scared him off. Christy passed out from the shock of seeing the dragon, so Dani decided to take her back home so that she can rest in bed and not on the sidewalk. After Christy woke up, the two hit it off and after some clumsy flirting, they embraced and kissed. In her excitement, Dani’s dragon claws appeared.

Dani was sure this was the end, but Christy did not run and simply asked for an explanation. After learning that Dani is cryptid who can disguise her dragon appearance, Christy accepted Dani and they two decided to see each other again. And again, and again and again! The two quickly became smitten with each other. As their romance blossoms, the webcomic brings readers into a surprisingly normal world of magic.

My Dragon Girlfriend Is Magical & Relatable

While there are numerous mythical creatures in My Dragon Girlfriend, the emotional experiences of the characters are understandable and approachable. Fawnduu has a perfect balance between magic and slice of life. Dani as a character best represents this. Dani is a dragon who constantly interacts with other mythical creatures, but she’s a member of the LGBTQ+ community and experiences anxiety about other women thinking of her as a “gay predator.” This anxiety does not make Dani any less magical. She is still a dragon, but this fear brings her into the reader’s world. 

In the middle of the magic, there are also relatable relationship interactions in the webcomic. For example, when Dani expressed her belief that Christy only liked her because she is a dragon, she was opening up about her low self-esteem and her inability to see her good qualities. While readers can’t relate to the dragon element, they can relate to not understanding why someone would want to be with them. Christy immediately combated Dani’s belief with a list of everything she loved about her. And readers who understand Dani’s insecurity can remind themselves they are worthy of love as well. 

My Dragon Girlfriend #190 Dani waking up to alarm set by girlfriend and smiling at phone
My Dragon Girlfriend #190 (Courtney Scriven)

There is also the relationship between Dani’s friends Callie and Olive. Callie is a necromancer and Olive is a vampire, and both of them are first introduced when Dani takes Christy to a bar for mythical creatures. After they spent some time together, Christy discovered Olive’s unrequited love for Callie. Their discussion about the bittersweetness of one-sided love with a friend is familiar and surprisingly normal considering Olive is a vampire in love with a cat witch.

Her interactions with a magical world excite Christy, she always quickly adapts. This brings more attention to the real emotions experienced in relationships and friendships. Interpersonal relationships are the main focus of the webcomic, which is why this magical world still feels like a cozy slice of life. 

A Webcomic With Consent Conversations

Fictional romantic relationships are often dramatized for entertainment purposes. It can be fun, but they aren’t always the best displays of consent in a relationship. Forced kisses, dragging someone away, or possessive jealousy are often presented as charming when the reality is that this type of behavior would be frightening. My Dragon Girlfriend is a foil to all those fictional romances and provides readers with a model for healthy communication and respecting boundaries. In one of their first instances of physical intimacy, Dani begins to cry from joy.

Webcomic Dani in dragon form, Christy, and Casey standing in front a house in woods
My Dragon Girlfriend #233 (Courtney Scriven)

Christy immediately responds to the reaction with “We can stop if it’s too much.” It’s a simple reaction and response, but it still feels like a rare scene for a fictional romance. There is nothing more romantic than the tenderness and consideration displayed by My Dragon Girlfriend through communication and consent. And it reminds readers what they should expect from romantic relationships.

The Silliness Of My Dragon Girlfriend

Mixed in with all the mythical creatures and interpersonal dynamics, there’s a lot of silliness! There are simple jokes that just make you smile because they are goofy and a little ridiculous. This could be the gnomes that appear everywhere or Dani ignoring the confusions of a scene because she is focused on finding Christy’s new cat. Or Christy making jokes about lesbians moving to the forest and her straight roommate’s misleading bisexual bob. It makes the webcomic have an overall light-hearted tone that puts you at ease.

The Art of My Dragon Girlfriend

My Dragon Girlfriend’s art is primarily black and shades of grey with unique character design and simple backgrounds. Most background panels are blank and when they are not blank, it’s very minimalist. Some panels will include background extras that are outlined but not colored in. While the panels are simple, the character designs are not. Fawnduu portrays an array of women in the webcomic with different body types, skin tones, and mythical creature traits. 

Magical Transformations

Webcomic Christy and Dani kissing
My Dragon Girlfriend #176 (Courtney Scriven)

Fawnduu’s art for the mythical creatures of the story is fun and unique as she creates a variety of forms for each of them. For example, Dani is dragon cryptid with her complete human form and her dragon form. And in between those two forms, she has a half-dragon form in which her skin turns to scales, horns appear on her head, and her small dragon tail appears. She’s a dragon-woman and it’s a cute and fun form that shows the two parts of Dani. 

Start Reading My Dragon Girlfriend Now!

My Dragon Girlfriend is a magical queer romance webcomic that is definitely worth a read. Fawnduu’s magical world reminds readers of the importance of interpersonal relationships and provides beautiful examples of emotional intimacy in all types of relationships. Readers will jump into a world of mythical creatures, but will still feel the calm and ease that comes with the slice of life genre. My Dragon Girlfriend is available on Webtoon Canvas and Tapas.

Updates on Webtoon Canvas are brief, typically with only four panels, but it updates three times a week. If you choose to read on Tapas, the short chapters are put together and uploaded as a longer chapter which readers may prefer to wait for. Check out Fawnduu’s patreon if you want to support the creator and gain access to exclusive artwork! If you also want a physical, full-colored copy, you can get it the first volume and pre-order the second volume here.