A new web series called, My Death Co. is out now. It is a comedic web series following a deceased man named Sam played by Jon Huck. Sam is forced to work as a grim reaper in the afterlife. Pretty cool job, right? Throughout the web series, Sam has to learn to connect with and bring closure to those on the brink of death. In doing so, Sam finds the meaning of his own afterlife. 

The Masterminds Behind My Death Co.

My Death Co. is created by Shawn McDaniel and Ben Hammond as a method of depicting loss in a positive light. My Death Co. has a dark humor that stands out and invokes a sense of hope in dark, grieving times for some watchers.

This series directed by McDaniel just the same as well and was scripted by Hammond. This is a six-episode season and will remain independently released over the next coming months. It will be released on their website, www.mydeathco.com.

The creators of the show have funded the first half of the series, but further episodes will remain crowdfunded on Patreon. While the creators used their own funds for the first few episodes they are looking to raise $3,000 for the remainder of the season on Patreon. They want to be able to prove that they can create a web series with minimal cash but high-quality content.

Where You Can Find My Death Co. Web Series

The creators of the web series are looking to prove that concept as true; although, they are looking to develop My Death Co. as a series for Amazon and Netflix in the future. You can find more information on their social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or their website.

Episode 1: The Hiker (Review)

Welcome to episode one of My Death Co. This episode brings the comedy and rawness right off the bat. The rawness in a good way — it brings some quality acting and material to work with in this series. The potential for what’s to come is outstanding.

While the first episode is only ranking in at a little over five minutes, there’s a lot to take in from it. Without spoiling too much or saying too much about it — I suggest you watch it yourself. However, keep in mind, this is meant to be comical and it does it really well.

So do not be surprised if you laugh a little or a lot.