We are now deep in the Anime Summer Season, and most series have already surpassed the 3-episode mark. Having watched most of what this season has to offer, here are our must-watch anime for this summer!

Yes, we usually make a first impression post, but this time we decided to try out a five must-watch anime format. Because let’s be honest, 4-6 anime is what most people end up completing anyway. This list is only for new anime and does not include sequels (New Game, Fate/Apocrypha) or leftovers from spring (My Hero Academia, Shingeki no Bahamut). So without further ado, here are our five must-watch anime for this summer!

Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss - Must-watch anime from the summer anime season 2017

No surprises here. Made in Abyss was probably the most awaited anime of the season, and it also seems to be on its way to become AOTS. The scenery is beautiful and immersive, and the world building is well-written and innovative. The main cast is kids, which is also rare to see, and plays very well with the adventure and fantasy themes. Manga readers promise that, if the adaptation continues being this faithful, Made in Abyss might even be a contender for AOTY.

Welcome to the Ballroom

No, it’s not Yuri!!! On Ice in the sense that it won’t have shonen ai, but Welcome to the Ballroom still should be on your watch (even if for only cause it looks exactly like Haikyuu). That’s because Ballroom does everything a sports anime should do just right. Mainly, being able to make the viewer feel like the sport is the most exciting, important thing in existence. Which, considering we’re talking about ballroom dancing, is quite an achievement. Some scenes might be a bit cliché, but so far the series is offering enough entertainment to forgive them. The characters are also quite likable. Especially the main character, who is dorky, hardworking, and surprisingly humble. Yes, you have to get used to the ridiculously long necks (they’re there for a reason: elongated necks are praised in this sport!)


Kakegurui (Compulsive Gambler in English) is yet another series that had been hyped up by manga readers months before its release. And it’s exactly what we were promised: gambling with over-the-top facial expressions. So far, the series has followed an episodic formula with each episode featuring one betting game that main character Yumeko has to win. The games are smart and complex, but the best part of the episodes is seeing Yumeko’s mental state slowly change as the game goes on.

Princess Principal

We’ll admit were pretty skeptic of Princess Principal. Anime with lolis or cute girls doing badass things are not rare, but they often fall flat, with the series only revolving around making the girls look hardcore at the expense of the plot. This is where Princess Principal stands out. The story is actually believable, interesting, and more clever that anyone might have expected (the plot twists!). Since they’re spies, lies and manipulation are a big part of the series. These girls might look cute and harmless, but they’re probably some of the most clever and ruthless characters of the season. Definitely a hidden gem to add to your watch list.

Tsuredure Children

If you love romance, chances are you’re already watching Koi to Uso, so we’re going to suggest something else instead. Tsuredure Children is based on a 4-koma manga, and unlike most adaptations of this type, this one actually does a pretty good job. Tsuredure Children does not have an overarching plot. Episodes are about 12 minutes long, with each one of the featuring 3 different stories from 3 different high school couples. Some couples are confessing, others are flirting, and others will even make out! Tsuredure Children is a sweet comedy about the different ways people fall in love.

These are our 5 must-watch anime from the Summer Anime Season! Are you watching them already? If not, will you check them out? And what are your must-watch from this season? Let us know in the comments below!