Multiplex 10 Is Back With Great News For Fans Of The Animated Short!

A while back we reviewed an animated comedy short called, Multiplex 10. We had high praise for it. Nonetheless, Multiplex 10 is back and with a brand new Kickstarter that is up now. We, not only want to write about how great Multiplex 10 is, but we want to showcase the work they are known for. And, the work they will do in the future with this Kickstarter.

Multiplex 10 wants to create a web series, with such great feedback from the short animated film — a web series is overdue. The project’s goal is $20,000 and will fund a minimum of five episodes of the web series plus five animated movie reviews. This will only happen, however, if the goal is met by July 17th. We have a little under a month to support Multiplex 10. 

Quick Synopsis of Multiplex 10

If you did not get a chance to read the review we did back in January 2018, you can check that out here. But, you can find a synopsis to follow as well. The animated short revolves around the movie-loving community. The characters of this short work at a movie theater called, Multiplex 10 Cinemas.

Two of the few main characters are Kurt, a schlock-loving theater usher, and Jason, a snobbish cinephile who has opinions. Together they have formed a combative odd-couple friendship based on their shared, but different, opinions of film.

We Cannot Wait For The Series To Come Back!

What is great about Multiplex 10 is the mixture of mediums. Before it was a comedy short, it was a webcomic. It then rebranded into a new medium with the web series and comedy short debut. The short is an award-winning short, and it is available to rent, stream, or buy on various digital platforms. You can also find it on Amazon Video and Seed & Spark.

You can find various videos on their official, Multiplex 10 website, and their official YouTube channel. On these platforms, you can find six episodes of the web series and three installments of a companion series, Multiplex 10 Movie Minutes. You can find this all featuring free spoiler-free, animated movie reviews by the staff of Multiplex 10; which we can’t wait to see!

The Creator Of Multiplex

Gordon McAlpin is the creator of this wonderful short, webcomic, web series we love. Multiplex 10 is directed, animated, and edited by Gordon himself. However, there is always a great team behind the brains, alongside him, he has Joe Dunn and Tom Brazelton who are the webcartoonists. The actual Multiplex 10 has a stellar voice cast: McAlpin, Brazelton, Dunn, Dana Luery Shaw, Aiyanna Wade, and Javier Prusky.

In the past, Gordon McAlpin has run five crowdfunding campaigns, and all of them were successful. He has run three for print collections of the Multiplex comic strip and two for the production and distribution of the Multiplex animated short.

What You Can Look Forward To

This web series is going to pick up right where it left off and with the personality included. This is a movie-buff comedy with friendship and hilarious banter included. The characters play off one another incredibly well, and in our previous review, we gave Multiplex a 5/5.

There are pop culture jokes for all of the culture junkies out there. There’s indie animation (that is really impressive), and there are slightly grown adults? Sometimes? Well, occasionally they are.

Multiplex 10 Twitter & Facebook.

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