You Can Now Have Your Own Teen Wolf Yearbook!


Teen Wolf is sadly coming to an end next year, but it’s not leaving without a bang. MTV is going all out to make sure the show gets the proper send-off it deserves and they know the fandom is a big part of it. Because of this, MTV Teen Wolf is releasing a Teen Wolf Yearbook for fans of the show to share their memories of the show and its community.

How does it work?

Have you created any type of Teen Wolf-related fanwork over the years the show has aired? If you have, it’s time to do some sorting and decide the best candidate to appear in the yearbook. If you have not, don’t worry – you can make anything from scratch right now! It can be anything from fan art, edits, pictures of you with the cast, or even a photo of you and your cat watching the newest episode. Basically anything to remember your good times in the Beacon Hills universe!

After you have decided what you will be sending, you just have to share your contribution on Twitter, Instagram or Youtube using the hashtag #TeenWolfYearbook. Your work might be selected to appear on the Teen Wolf Yearbook!

Good luck!



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