Mr. Robot ‘Whiterose’ Review: Hacking, the Family Business


WARNING: This review contains HUGE spoilers

After a few episodes in which it seemed like the doubting-everything paranoia had toned down, ‘Whiterose’ brings us the biggest mindf*ck we have seen yet. This episode was all about advancing the main plot with FSociety and big revelations while still creating more and more questions.

This is the thing about Mr. Robot. It makes us keep wondering stuff each after week. But despite all our blogging and theory-making, the show still manages to surprise us by going an entire different direction. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The episode started focusing on Darlene from the beginning. Darlene has been one of the most relevant characters in FSociety and has always had an important role although she always felt like she was usually in the background or managing things on her own. In this episode, we get to see her talking about the big separation between the rich and the poor and how there’s not in between anymore, going to ballet class with Angela and being followed by men in black in the subway.

Angela gets a bit of a break this episode and finally gets to meet up with her dear friend, Elliot. She explains what has been going on lately with the corrupt CDs and complains that Elliot is never there lately. As a matter of fact, Elliot later thinks that he doesn’t belong in AllSafe anymore and I’m willing to bet that he will no longer be working for the company next season.

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Despite being something of a sociopath, Tyrell is nervous and paranoid after what he did in the last episode, something his wife Joanna ignores. When police detectives go to their place to interrogate them, Joanna stabs herself with a fork to pretend that she is having some pregnancy issues to save her husband. There is still a lot of mystery surrounding theses two and their plan, but it is clear that Joanna will go to extreme ends to protect Tyrell. In one of the highlights of the episode, Tyrell meets Mr. Robot in a car and insists that they were meant to be allies and that they might want the same thing. Mr. Robot doesn’t agree and Tyrell warns him that he knows about his little secret. Is this secret related to Elliot and the big revelation in the last five minutes?

Elliot finally gets to meet Whiterose and it’s no one we had expected but a new character played by B.D. Wong. We have no canon confirmation but it is safe to assume that she is a POC transgender woman. Another point to Mr. Robot‘s diverse cast. Whiterose is both mysterious and obsessed with time and advancing conversation. She basically gives Elliot over 50 hours to remove the honeypot, which means a lot of work including hacking Giddeon. In a scene in which Elliot appears to be feeling very anxious, he tries to relax and get in our position as observers (little does he know that we are nearly as anxious and worried as he is). His plan starts working: Darlene plays an FSociety video on AllSafe as a distraction while Elliot works on obtaining the information. However, time is running out for Elliot at AllSafe because as soon as the video is over, Giddeon confronts him on where he was and why these hackings keep happening around his appearances and disappearances… Oops! Elliot still manages to send an email as Giddeon asking to remove the honeypot and restore normal connection.

And now time for the big mindfuck. In a scene in which Elliot and Darlene meet to talk about the advancement of events for FSociety, she tells him that she’s very happy, that he is going to change the world and that he is the best person she knows. After those words, Elliot takes the Shayla’s advice and instantly kisses her without asking. No luck this time, she rejects him and she is mad but with good reason: Darlene is actually Elliot’s sister. The most worrying thing though, was that she asks him if he has forgotten who she is, AGAIN, implying that this is a thing that has happened in the past. Sure, Darlene and Elliot being siblings is probably something that no one had predicted. However, so many things make sense now: the fact that she was so comfortable to constantly show up at his place, when she was telling him about annoying boys who were after her… Darlene wasn’t being annoying, she was being a sister. Now it’s Elliot’s turn to be freak out and be mad. How could he have forgotten something like this? What this something that a mental illness did to him or was it something that someone else did to him?

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When he gets home, Elliot starts wondering who he is and if he even exists. “We have to hack me“. He finds nothing. This goes back to the episode ‘Daemons‘, where Angela told him that he wasn’t real during his dream trip. Revelations aren’t over though as he comes across with old photos in which Mr. Robot is his father (or step-father). As if he had watched him, or probably because Darlene had contacted him, Mr. Robot himself arrives at his door and tells him that they should talk.

Since the first episode, theories on Mr. Robot existing only in Elliot’s imagination have been all around. While it was a possibility, I couldn’t help but think that it was too easy. There had to be something more to that. If we were suspicious when trusting Elliot’s narration before, after this week’s episode there is no way we can trust anything. Does Elliot have split personality? Does he have another name? What happened when he was a child? Is it related to the fact that he was sent to therapy? And more importantly, why isn’t everybody watching this series?


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