Mr. Robot ‘View Source’ Review: Hide Your Source


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

As we are still wiping our tears from last week’s episode, ‘View Source’ deals with the aftermath of Shayla’s death and Angela’s journey to find out the truth and avenge her mother.

The episode started playing with the audience’s feelings playing a flashback from when Elliot and Shayla first met (ironically, that’s the last thing they talked about). So no, Elliot is not back on drugs which is why you should never trust a promo. Right from the beginning, they had a conversation on not liking people, awkwardness and being special. Even though many people could see their relationship on just drug dealer-client and casual sex, it is obvious that Shayla really meant a lot to Elliot.


We learn from Elliot’s internal monologue that it has been a month since ‘Brave Traveler’ but he is still feeling guilt and self-hate for what happened to Shayla. Because of that, Gideon offers him to take some time off, which Elliot refuses. He also refuses his advice to “find someone you can be your honest self with“, which Elliot calls “bullsh*t” on. He proceeds to compare hacking people with the old way of finding the source code of a website. He reflects that it’s not good to be 100% honest with others. After all, I can only imagine that, social anxiety apart, he finds it incredibly hard to socialize with people considering he knows their deepest and darkest secrets.

Things keep going downhill for Tyrell, who has to witness how his rival, Scott, gets to be CTO of ECorp. His vengeance? To kill his wife. Perhaps to get revenge or to get Scott to get depressed and quit the job. Eitherway, psycho Tyrell seemed to be freaking out at what he had done and I can’t help but wonder how his badass wife will react to this. Will she just smile and keep acting as a mere spectator as she has been doing for the last few episodes?


I believe Angela had the most important storyline in this episode. And I say props to her for doing all of this on her own. After a difficult conversation with Colby that included some sexist invitations from him, Angela got to offer him a deal: to testify against ECorp in exchange for her lying and taking some blame from the hacking scandal. At the end of the day, it was the classic conflict of money vs morals. However, despite Colby’s lawyer studying the deal, Gideon tells Angela that it is a very bad choice as the company and the workers would go down. Right now Angela is at a crossroads and it seems like she’s going to need some external advice to keep going, probably from Elliot.


Mr. Robot is back to try to move things forward for FSociety, something fans have been waiting for since the Pilot. He wants Darlene to get in contact with White Rose, a task which she believes to be impossible if he even exists at all, and then he threatens Romero when he says he wants out of FSociety because he doesn’t really believe in the project. “I’m really too crazy for you to say no to”, says Mr. Robot as he points a gun at Romero’s face. This goes back to that quote from Elliot in ‘Exploits‘ when he told us how crazy Mr. Robot really is. This is also the second time someone points a gun at someone’s head but doesn’t shoot, which raises some red flags. On the other hand, Darlene gives Trenton a prep talk and talks about how each member of FSociety wants something different out of the revolution. I expect this revolution to progress during the last 3 episodes of this season.

Going back to Elliot, he goes through one of his rutine computer data deletions but unfortunately, Flipper eats some kind of card which makes him have to take the dog to the vet. This makes me think that whatever Flipper ate was actually important and potentially dangerous at the wrong hands. In the last scene, he goes back to his therapist again without an appointment. After never having listened to her and hiding things from her, he finally comes clean: he doesn’t only admit on having lied but he also states how she has been lying, as he reveals her deepest and darkest secrets. This relates to how Elliot mentioned that sharing your source with people isn’t good. There’s things we don’t want people to know and there’s stuff about people that we don’t want to know either. ‘I want a way out of loneliness, just like you’, he says nearly crying and reminding us of that scene from the Pilot, ‘Is that what you wanted to hear?’.


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