Mr. Robot Season 2 Greatness from New York Comic Con: ‘It Gets Really F*cking Dark’

Mr. Robot Season 2
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After a first season full of success and critical acclaim, Mr. Robot took on New York Comic Con to give us some brand new information on its second season, set to premiere in June/July 2016.

Or not: No one except for Sam Esmail really knows what’s ahead for the show. From the beginning the cast never knew much about future scripts. In fact, it got to the point that Rami Malek didn’t even bother asking about what was enxt. Carly Chaikin (Darlene) joked about this situation: “Sam gets scared to be in close quarters with us. During the car ride here, I kept on trying to predict what would happen.” Only thing Esmail would say? “It gets really f*cking dark”. How can it get darker than Season 1?!

Esmail also had some time to talk about his creative inspirations. Aside from the obvious Fight Club, he was also influenced by Taxi Driver and everything by Stanley Kubrick. “I rip off every movie and TV show I ever watch”, he said, “I’ll have to send you my library”.

What do the cast personally expect from season 2? Chaikin revealed that she was curious to learn more about her history with Ellilot, as well as their family history. On the other hand, Christian Slater would like to see what happens to Tyrell, perhaps the biggest mystery about that season finaleGood news for Elliot/Tyrell shippers too: Martin Wallström (Tyrell) said he would “love” to see Tyrell kiss Elliot, to which Portia Doubleday (Angela) added: “You guys did get pretty close”.

Other random curiosities: the cast actually went to hacking seminars. The most technologically challenged were Malek and Chaikin. Malek actually had to get a typing instructor since he was the worst typer and it was complicated to shoot close-ups of Elliot’s typing!

Mr. Robot - New York Comic Con - The Daily Fandom
FSociety masks FTW! (© Photo by io9)

How excited are you for the return of Mr. Robot? We still have almost a year’s worth of waiting before Season 2, but the show sure left us a lot of material to speculate with!

Source: io9.

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