Mr. Robot ‘Python, Part 2’ Review: Tyrell Shines A Light On Season 3

Finally, Mr. Robot delivers some answers to many burning questions viewers have had for weeks now. ‘Python, Part 2’ is a pretty good end to a season that’s been for the most part confusing, but that has done an excellent job of setting up what already looks like a very promising Season 3.


Season 2 of Mr. Robot has featured a lot of talking, but while some of those conversations dragged on in previous episodes, it certainly didn’t feel that way in the finale. One of the main reasons for this is that we finally got Martin Wallström as Tyrell Wellick back on screen. No, we do not get an answer as to what exactly happened in those 3 days, nor do we fully understand Tyrell’s character yet, but at least we find out what Phase 2 is and yes, it had a lot to do with the brownouts. Apparently, ECorp was planning to rebuild the database after the hack, and so the Dark Army/Mr. Robot want to blow up the building that currently has most of the paper records. Meaning, the brownouts are happening to force the building to use UPSes that will be used to blow up the building.

Of course, Elliot doesn’t know any of that, much less agrees with it. This is actually reminiscent of that time when Elliot didn’t agree with Mr. Robot’s plan to attack Steel Moutain either. Ironically, when remembering that Mr. Robot and Elliot are the same person, the only conclusion one can reach is that Elliot is actually operating in a morally grey area. Much of the series’ plot is still being greatly influenced by Elliots inability to control his dissociative disorder. It’s now gotten to a point where it seems like Elliot is the one getting in the way and distracting his other self from going ahead with the plan.

As per Tyrell, this is a much different character than the one we saw last season. This Tyrell is vulnerable, it’s someone that (for some reason) is going along with the Dark Army to take down ECorp, and someone who truly, canonically loves Elliot. It would not be accurate to say that Tyrell has changed because we didn’t really know him that much in the first place. Was Season 1 Tyrell a façade of what he really is? All in all, it’s hard to empathize with him because we don’t know his version in all of this. And, just like us, Elliot is also confused by Tyrell’s behavior. So much that he starts getting paranoid and begins suspecting something that viewers had been speculating on for a while: is Tyrell not real? Is he another of Elliot’s personalities? Or was he real, but he was killed and now Elliot is hallucinating him too? It’s a tense scene and one that ends dramatically. Tyrell must definitely know already that Elliot’s not mentally well, but he doesn’t seem to know about Mr. Robot at all.

Relating to Tyrell, we finally get a full explanation for all those mysterious gifts his wife had been getting. Joanna gets a visit from Scott Knowles, the CTO of ECorp whose (pregnant) wife got killed by Tyrell last season. Visibly devastated, Knowles wanted Joanna to feel what he had felt. Joanna pushes his buttons to end up getting badly beaten up by him, and the fact that that was most likely part of her plan is both badass and f*cked up on so many levels. Later on, she convinces her boyfriend to lie about what he saw last night. That way, Scott will be framed for the murder of his wife while Tyrell would be a free man (except not really, as we find out later on that the FBI is onto him).

One answer that makes us happy is that Dalene survived the diner attack. Sadly, Cisco did not. Darlene spends the whole episode being questioned by Dom, who is, as she puts it, “playing the empathy card”. And she certainly was. It doesn’t matter that we know Dom is telling the truth when she speaks about how empty her life is, or that he really wants to solve this case. She’s still a professional and her plan was to play Darlene from the beginning. Dom shows her the room with all the evidence gathering by the FBI in which was one of the best scenes in the finale. They’ve got them all, including Elliot and Tyrell as leaders of the whole operation (here’s a full picture of the board Redditor ifactor took). Many have been speculating that Dom will change sides at some point as she’s worked as an emotional parallel for Elliot. Right now, I can’t help but wonder if she’d be a better fit for Darlene. Leading fsociety has not worked out well for Elliot’s sister, and the fact that Dom opposed Cisco’s previous speech telling her that she is, indeed, “special”, hints at this badass duo for the next season.

And now for the new mysteries we got. Angela’s scene with WhiteRose took a big portion of the first part of the finale, but we still don’t know what exactly went on there. All we know is that WhiteRose somehow convinced her, and if Angela ended up joining ECorp last season, she has now joined the Dark Army (who hasn’t at this point?). Angela’s role was smaller in this episode, but not less important. She gets a call from Tyrell (we assume that this is the first time they’ve interacted), and what they talk about is pretty enigmatic. Tyrell confesses that he loves Elliot, and Angela replies that she loves him too. She also adds that she wants her face to be the first thing Elliot sees when he wakes up. Angela’s role has been confusing, but even more so is her attitude and her real intentions. There’s some ambiguity in the way Portia Doubleday plays this character that has you hooked to her character everytime she’s on screen. And the fact that Angela can achieve that while still being pretty much the only non-hacker of the series is quite impressive. As per the final after-credits scene, the question this time is what exactly Leon wants from Mobely and Trenton, who have run away to work somewhere else. Does he want to protect them like he did with Elliot, or is he there to get rid of loose ends?

It’s been a complicated season for Mr. Robot. Sam Esmail had planned a 3-arc structure for the show, and it’s usually the middle act the one that feels slower as it’s all about exposition and setting up things for the final arc. Mr. Robot’s enigmatic storytelling didn’t allow for a lot of that necessary exposition, and so the season’s storyline ended up being built on confusion and time gaps. Fortunately, ‘Python, Part 2’ managed to redeem the season with the amazing return of Tyrell, and the now clearer plans of the Dark Army and the FBI, creating the perfect set up for Season 3.


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