WARNING: This review contains spoilers

As I went into this week’s episode there was one question in my head: would they be able to surpass the shock factor of last week’s ‘WhiteRose‘? Well, ‘Mirroring’ certainly wasn’t that shocking because the big revelation was something that had been speculated ever since the first episode. But ‘Mirroring’ had Elliot finally see what his reality is while preparing us for the next week’s big season finale.

This episode had probably the best title card of the season so far. It turns out that, a few years ago, Mr. Robot had a computer store (ah, the nostalgia). Obviously, his name wasn’t really Mr. Robot, that was just a name Elliot used for him because his subconscious remembered the name of his store. As a matter of fact, there is already a clue on what this episode is going to be about when that man called him a “nobody“. Funnily enough, the place is now a bank of ECorp.

Back to the present, we pick up where we left off in last episode. Elliot confronts Mr. Robot on why he didn’t tell him the truth during these months, which gave us a chance to see Elliot truly mad (and can someone give Rami Malek his Emmy already?). Mr. Robot warns him that there’s “people out there” who do not want them “to work together”. Presumably, the men in black. However, the show later reveals that some of those people were Angela and Darlene. Does that mean that the men in black do not exist? Were the men in black just a part of Elliot’s subconscious trying to warn him that something was off?

mirroring - mr. robot - the daily fandom

As bad as I feel for Elliot, I nearly felt even worse for Giddeon, who is just trying to do his work. At least he’s got Justin- I mean, Harry. Despite being a murdered, I also feel kind of sad for Tyrell. Joanna has just had a baby and she takes the moment to tell Tyrell a story from her past that he didn’t know. Apparently, she had had a baby before but she had given her for adoption and erased her from her past, something that she can’t forgive herself for. She then gives him an ultimatum: “If you want to remain in this family, you’ll fix this”. If his wife wasn’t tough enough, now Tyrell also has a new motivation, his son. Sadly for him, he gets fired immediately after that. His situation is desperate. And desperate times call for desperate measures, as we saw at the end of the episode.

We find out that Angela has quit the job and is now interested in working in Law, but her lawyer doesn’t agree with her. Colby’s confession have come out, Angela’s future seems uncertain and I really hope that she doesn’t take that job offer from Colby. We also find out that Angela knows about Elliot’s problem and she has in fact helped find him in the past. However, this time when Darlene asks her for help, Angela recognises that she doesn’t know Elliot anymore and that they can’t keep “protecting him from himself“.

After Elliot assures us that we can now trust him because he is remembering more and everything is going back to normal, Mr. Robot takes Elliot to their old house, even though it might trigger some bad memories from his mother. We go back to that conversation in ‘Ones and Zeroes‘ about his father pushing himself off a window. Apparently, at the time, Elliot felt guilty and even hated himself for having told everyone about his father’s secret. But he doesn’t listen to his father and this time he throws him off a window to later carry him into a cemetery when they bump into Darlene and Angela.

mirroring - mr. robot - the daily fandom

“I will never leave you, they’re not gonna break us apart again” (©USA Network)

And then Darlene and Angela ask him who he was talking to causing Elliot (and us) to freak out again about not knowing something. Indeed, Mr. Robot was no longer there. Just Edward Alderson‘s tomb. Elliot says: “You’re gonna make me say it, aren’t you?” Yes. “I am Mr. Robot”. All of those who had guessed this turn of events from the first episode, give yourselves a pat on the back. “You knew it all along, didn’t you?”.

mirroring - mr. robot - the daily fandom

Yes. Elliot is Mr. Robot. He is also the one who funded FSociety and planned the revolution. We don’t know how old FSociety is, but we know that everything we have seen from Episode 1 was just from the point of view of an amnesic Elliot. Elliot doesn’t trust himself anymore and that is more than understandable. Elliot is confused and keeps repeating that he doesn’t know why he did it or what is he doing to do next, which creates even more expectation for the finale. If that wasn’t enough, Tyrell shows up at his door and he’s got news: he knows everything. Also, he explains in detail how he felt when killing for the first time. And ‘guilt’ is not one of those feelings. Elliot takes him to the Arcade, where Tyrell marvels at what FSociety has done. “I always told you we would end up working together”, he says. Although, I wonder why Tyrell is interested in joining the revolution if he is already rich.

The fact that they were playing the piano version of Where is My Mind in the background is a wink to all those who got the Fight Club homage. As game-changing as this episode was, Elliot’s apparent multi-personality presents a new conflict: we have Elliot-Elliot and Elliot-Mr.Robot. I can only imagine that we are still going to keep seeing Christian Slater playing Mr. Robot (although he didn’t appear in the promo). Why is is that in some scenes we saw Elliot, in others we saw Mr. Robot and in others we saw the both of them in one same room? How are they going to handle those situations from now on?

This series truly deserves a re-watch after the first season is done. With all the truth (or what we believe to be ALL the truth) finally being revealed, I can’t really imagine what revelations are left for the finale but the promo is sure 100% hype: