Logic Bomb

Mr. Robot ‘Logic Bomb’ Review: I Told You Not to Look

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In ‘Logic Bomb’, the FBI travels to China to get some intel on the Dark Army, while Elliot sees himself involved in a big mess in the Deep Web.


Elliot has worked out his relationship with Mr. Robot (sort of), but that does not mean that things will stop getting complicated for him. Ray’s favor was fishy from the beginning, and yet Elliot did not imagine to find himself involved in a black market site from the Deep Web. Not being able to look away and wanting to do something about it (which brought back memories from his hacker vigilante role from last season) gets him in even more trouble. Despite what we could have assumed, Ray’s group has nothing to do with the Dark Army. This new party might not seen that intimidating in comparison, but it’s still quite dangerous. How will Elliot be able to escape now that he’s seen what Ray didn’t want thim to see?

Agent Dom might find herself in a similar situation. The FBI visits China to get some more intel on the Dark Army from minister of state security Zhang, Whiterose’s alter ego (nice parallel with Elliot, even if it’s not quite the same). It was strange to see Dom and Zhang actually bonding in that hallway full of clocks (remember “I hack time”?). Dom tells him about an old fling, while he shows her his sister’s dresses. All this trust makes the final shooting scene even more interesting, if the attack was really by the Dark Army. If that’s the case, I wonder if Zhang might have gotten interested in Dom and let her live, or if he’s just going to kill her because she knows too much.

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It had been a while since we had seen Angela join the rest of the characters for a cause as she has been so focused on her job at ECorp. When Darlene shows up in her apartment, it doesn’t feel like two good old friends reuniting. Darlene is worried and tense, and Angela does no want to have anything to do with her old life. Angela still agrees to proceed with the plan, but not because she wants to be a part of fsociety’s doings, but because to her it’s either “act or wait to get caught”. The return of that problematic CD from last season also brought Ollie back, but I doubt we will keep seeing more of him, unless he ends up getting involved with the FBI somehow. Angela’s rencounter with Elliot was tense as well, but it was sweet to hear them talk about Qwerte with a smile. Finally, we also got to see more of Joanna’s activities, although it’s still unclear just what she is doing exactly and why. So far, all we know is that she’s ordering to kill people to save her family from the repercussions of the hack.

‘Logic Bomb’ sees different characters getting involved with things that pose a threat to them. Elliot’s relationship with Ray has gotten a surprising turn, Dom’s life might as well be in great danger, and Angela just wants to solve all her problems with minimal effort and no consequences. However, considering how complicated everything has gotten, it’s become pretty much impossible to make a move without getting messy.