Mr. Robot ‘Exploits’ Review: Changing the World is Hard


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

After four episodes of preparation and planning, amongst other things, FSociety is finally ready to infiltrate in Steel Mountain’s data facilities. ‘Exploits’ was all about knowing your enemy’s weaknesses and taking action to change the world, even though sometimes you can’t really see the consequences.

The other four men from FSociety telling Elliot what to do and what to say through the earpiece felt like a metaphor for FSociety controlling him. As a person with social anxiety and clinical depression, Elliot is not very aggressive, a personality trait that contrasts with Tyrell, but I will get to that later. It was also interesting how they made it a point that it is hard to hack and know the weaknesses of a person who is not on social media and that is why Trudy gave them so much trouble. However, at the end of the day, we are all human so they managed to trick her into believing that his husband was in some sort of trouble at the hospital.


Elliot finds Tyrell, which was very random. As Elliot starts freaking out and demands to go to the toilet, he keeps having withdrawal effects. He then starts working on the thermostat system but Tyrell comes in and mentions Colby and his father to him. He says that he’s not going to turn him in (we will see about that) and he later says that “revenge” is Elliot’s weakness.

On the other hand, Darlene is having issues with the Dark Army, who have banned FSociety from the conversation which means that they are bailing. When she explains what happened to the rest of the group, Mr. Robot gets really mad. On a side note, I felt like Darlene’s ‘It’s not happening’ contrasted with Elliot’s ‘it’s happening’ from the Pilot. After Darlene and Mr. Robot get into a big fight, Elliot tries to soothe her and tells her she can crash at his place, which was refreshing after he has kicked her out of his place so many times before.

As per Angela and Ollie, they have broken up and Angela has moved to her father’s, who is very supportive of her. However, at the end of the episode she finds some paperwork from ECorp. Was her father involved with the accident? Her story will have to collide with Elliot’s at some point.

Tyrell goes for dinner to Patrcik Bateman’s house with his wife. He is, after all, the man who could make him CTO. Even though Tyrell and Elliot share some similarities, the way they act is very different. Tyrell is the kind of person who is aggressive and likes to take the bull by the horns. We won’t get a much clearer situation than when he enters the bathroom while Patrick’s wife is urinating and stands in front of her just to thank her for the invitation. What is Tyrell’s weakness?, I keep wondering.

Lastly, Shayla has started working as a waitress. However, when Elliot and Darlene get to his place, they find her phone on the floor. I can only guess that she has been kidnapped by her old drug dealer to blackmail Elliot. The plot keeps thickening.

Believe it or not, we are already in the half of the season. We already know all the characters and we have already doubted everyone’s existence too. In ‘Exploits’, the point was: did it make you want to surrender or did it make you want to keep fighting?

“Every day we change the world but to change the world in a way that means anything, that takes more time than most people have. It never happens all at once. It’s slow, it’s methodical, it’s exhausting”Elliot

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