After the events of ‘The Flash War‘ things haven’t been the same for the former fastest man alive, Berry Allen. In the third part of the Heat Wave storyline, The Flash #57Rogues Resurgence, Berry and Detective Burns still find themselves in Heat Waves’ (Mick Rory) head and all the horrors that come with it. The Flash #57 was written by Joshua Williamson, illustration by Scott Kolins, cover by Dan Mora, and colorist Luis Guerrero.

Will They Ever Get Out Of The Sage Force In The Flash #57?

Not everything is going great outside of Mick’s head. Berry and Burns’ bodies are burning up as the sage force accelerates because of Berry’s speed force. Mick Rory’s real body is about to explode and destroy all of Central City if Iris and Commander Cold can’t stop it somehow.

Iris has a premonition that the Sage force runs off empathy, but she doesn’t know how she knows this information. She starts remembering certain things from her life pre-Flashpoint. Iris has an outrageous idea that they hope works to get Berry and Burns out of Mick’s mind. They send in Commander Cold to pretend to be the original Captain Cold, Mick’s friend. If Commander Cold messes up it could mean Central City goes up in flames.

The Flash #57
The Flash #57 © DC Comics

Back in Micks’s head, Berry and Burns are still in trouble. They are trying to get out of a “mind maze” Mick has made to trap them. Berry and Burns are trying to calm Mick down when Commander Cold shows up disguised as Captain Cold. Luckily enough, as Commander Cold is from the future, he has read enough about Captain Cold and Heat Wave’s history to know the exact stories he should tell to show Mick. Cold reminded him he was in control of the fire and the fire wasn’t in control of him.

Friendship Always Wins!

As they’re about to leave the fire demon strikes one more attack and Berry protects Mick from the fire blast. The demon then questions:

“Why do you risk your soul for a monster like that?”

Berry being the empathetic man he is answered; he knows how Heat Wave feels, how hard it is to move on, and that letting go of the past is hard. Berry finally sees he needs to stop “running in circles.” Berry has felt that he let Wally down ever since he lost the race to him. Therefore, he couldn’t move on. Berry was not going on the path he should be on. Not anymore, though, The Flash is back and finally running forward instead of backward.

The Flash #57
The Flash #57 © DC Comics

He defeats the fire demon and they make it out of Mick’s head alive. They take Mick back to the Ironheights Penitentiary. Berry finally sees Commander Cold for who he is; a man trapped in a different time without a way home. Berry finally gets the courage to go on his Sage Force adventure but he still has one thing holding him back: Iris. As Berry thinks he cannot go because of Iris, she just laughs and says:

“I’m coming with you.”

The Flash #57
The Flash #57 © DC Comics

As you are feeling all warm and fuzzy because of this wonderous Iris and Berry moment, you turn the page and you are brought to an epilogue with Johnny Thunder thinking this will be his last fight… And he is right. He is brought down by the one and only, Hunter Zolomon.

A Must Read For Any Flash Fan!

This issue was a great end to a three-part storyline with an ending you did not see coming (at least we didn’t). The art is immaculate and outstanding and the colors are stunning. The cover is honorable and just in time for Halloween. This is an issue you definitely should pick up if you like The Flash. I feel like people could truly understand what it’s like for something tragic to happen and not be able to pick up the pieces.

Granted, we are not having supersonic rases with our former sidekick, but that is beside the point!

The Flash #57 by Joshua Williamson, Scott Kolins, Dan Mora, and Luis Guerrero.
After the events of The Flash War things have not been the same for the former Fastest man alive.