Misha Collins is an American actor, most known for his role as Castiel on Supernatural. He’s also known for… wait, do I really need to introduce him to you? There was a time when Misha was only known for playing Castiel on TV, but time has changed, and Misha has slowly worked his way through the geek world as a very respected and appreciated actor.

This is something that we kind of already knew. But we didn’t realise how true it was until this last weekend. Even though this is not Misha’s first time at San Diego Comic Con, it’s the first time he’s been treated as an actual important personality in the geek world. He’s not just that actor who plays that angel on that show anymore.

So, apart from being on the Supernatural Panel and the Supernatural NerdHQ Conversation along with Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Mark Sheppard on Sunday, he also assisted other panels that weren’t related to the CW show. On Friday, Misha assisted the Creativity is Magic Panel along Orlando Jones from Sleepy Hollow (who’s also very active with his fans on Twitter), Flourish Klink, professor Henry Jenkins and Aron Levitz. He wasn’t initially invited, but he showed up and everybody approved of him and accepted him. On Saturday, he assisted the TV Guide Fan Favorites Panel along Gwendoline Christie, Jordan Gavaris, Sam Heughan, John Noble, Colin O’Donoghue, Retta and Aisha Tyler (xx). Apart from Felicia Day, no one else in the Supernatural cast has been featured in other panels outside of their show.

misha collins - orlando jones - sdcc - the daily fandom

Supersleepy: Misha Collins and Orlando Jones (©redteekal)

We had photos of him messing around with people who aren’t even in the same network as him, like Orlando Jones or John Barrowman. Surprisingly enough, these two actors are also known for being very knowledgeable of how fandom works. He even caught the attention of William Shatner, a true geek icon for every sci-fi fan who now jokingly calls him What’s His Name.

So… Why has Misha become so popular?

It’s as simple as that: Misha Collins gets fandom. He is known by the Supernatural fans as a very humble down-to-Earth person who engages with his fans on a regular basis both online and in real life. Many people have been touched by his words, his crazy ways and his general attitude towards life. He invites people to join his lifestyle with great projects such as GISHWHES and Random Acts. But that’s not all, Misha is also very well educated on fandom and he knows how to treat fans on sensitive topics such as slash shipping. This is something that the Destiel shippers know very well.

I love [that] the fans use the show as a canvas onto which they paint the stories that mean the most to them. (x)

Misha understands fans and how fandom works. He gets that, sometimes, fans like shipping. Sometimes they don’t like what they see on TV and try to re-write it via fanfiction or fan vidding. Fans might like some characters and show their love and appreciation for them in different creative ways. And that’s not bad, unhealthy or obsessive. Actors need to understand that and respect it. And that’s what Misha does. He doesn’t make strange faces when he sees someone cosplaying as Castiel. He doesn’t shame people for their headcanons or OTPs. He embraces the craziness in them and even publicly encourages them to keep doing their fandom-related works. These are some of the reasons that have made fans really love Misha. They feel safe around him and they know it’s OK to bring up some topics around him because they’re not going to be looked down by it. But that’s not all, Misha also proved to be one of the nicest person in the convention when he decided to get coffee for the people waiting on the Hall H line.

john barrowman - misha collins - comic con

Misha Collins and John Barrowman, two fan favourites

All of these reasons are probably why he’s not only loved by fans, but he’s also earned the respect of other people who want to meet him because they’ve been impressed by the good things they’ve heard from him. At least, Stephen Amell does! Doesn’t matter that they’re not on the same show or even on the same network, this year’s Comic-Con has proven that Misha is known and respected in the geek world. At last.

This is also why we wish all the best for his career. We hope that he becomes one of those actors like John Barrowman or Mark Sheppard, who are known for being in more than one classic show. We’re sure that Misha will be invited to Comic-Con after Supernatural has finished because he’s proven over and over again that he belongs in this world.

Well done, Misha!