Minutes to Midnight features Christopher Ray as the director and the writers as Victoria Dadi and Christopher M. Don. The reviewer is also going to add kudos to whoever created the costume design for Angus, the main killer. They did a splendid job on the detailing of the mask and the weapons created for him.

Minutes to Midnight is a slasher flick centering around a New Year’s Eve Party. This sequence of events involves a convoluted revenge plot. The set-up follows a bunch of thirty-year-old people who act like twenty-year-old people.

Credit: Minutes to Midnight (2018)

The actors all look dead inside before they got the actual chance to die for real. I bet you a whole dollar this adventure would be hilarious to roast with your friends. I reviewed Minutes to Midnight alone. Go figure.

Minutes to Midnight: May You Die From Laughter

In the first fifteen minutes, I found the little details in Minutes to Midnight give the movie a semblance of charm. One such highlight includes the monster’s grammar in his bloody, threatening letter: “YOUR TOO LATE.”

Secondly, the actor’s hammy performances brought out a few interested head nods. In a strange way, there’s a beauty to watching an individual make horrible decisions. The terrified screams don’t put the reviewer on edge because characters die in ways that aren’t impactful.

These deaths instead bring out a painful, yet delighted grimace as you’re rooting for their destruction. The performers struck the tone well for what a watcher would expect from a B-Horror movie.

Credit: Minutes to Midnight

The Alternative Is To Die From Boredom

The narrative’s entire middle section becomes painful to watch. Minutes to Midnight tries to build a plot, but the plot is nothing a viewer hasn’t seen done better. The crew attempts to make the watcher develop empathy for the characters; this means devoting a lot of screen time to them. A lot. But the characters’ problems are cliché. This lack of focus on what would be the main draw, which is the killers, and detracts from the narrative.

The actor’s attempt at creating sympathy is an impossible task as the characters are all doomed to die and the viewers know it. The characters make choices that have the viewer rooting for their deaths. They don’t exist beyond their expected character tropes. The movie’s character arcs are typical in design. You have the final girl, the annoying frat boy, the couple who has sex and dies, and the male hero, among others, and they’re played to expectation.

Photo by DeInstitutionalized LLC – © Minutes to Midnight

You End Up Disappointed When You Don’t Die

The exciting sequences like the gore and the monsters aren’t as present in the piece as one would hope. Minutes to Midnight would pitch the room black or cut the shot away. These decisions seem like the crew trying to avoid spending money.

This choice leads to the question of why the crew didn’t cut out unnecessary components like a few of the deaths, and some of the awkward sex and kinky bits in order to give us all what we really want, which is blood.

Last Chunk: Is This a Weird Kink Thing?

In the end, you’re left with a distinct feeling that the creators intended Minutes to Midnight to be a kinky, soft-core porn. There are details in Minutes to Midnight that don’t hinge upon the creep factor as much as the sex factor.

This tendency makes a person wonder about the motivations of the piece. On the other hand, Minutes to Midnight would bring entertainment to a horror party. I’m not the only person who likes horribly fun movies.

If our readers find this work interesting, they can get their copy of Minutes to Midnight on VOD on July 3, 2018, and on DVD September 4, 2018.

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