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Taking place after the events of Dark Nights Metal and Justice League No Justice. A new yet familiar version of the Justice League steps into the spotlight. With a similar roster to that of the early 2000s animated series. This new series takes the League to a cosmic level. Written brilliantly by Scott Snyder and beautifully illustrated by Jorge Jiminez.

Together they tell a story of ancient cosmic threats, the reforming of the Legion of Doom, and reintroducing characters for the first time in post-DC Rebirth. This first story-line in this incredible series is no short of talking points. Before we break it down, we have to break down Dark Nights Metal and No Justice as they serve as preludes.

How Did We Get Here

Before embarking on this adventure, there are a few key events you need to know about. This information will help understand why the threat starting on issue one, may be more than the Justice League can handle.

Dark Nights Metal

Every positive has it’s negative, including the Multiverse. Except this “Dark Multiverse” is running out of time, literally. Meaning its inhabits need to find a new place to call home and what better place than Earth 0. What better beings to first crossover from these dark world’s than evil alternate versions of Batman. Known as the Dark Knights. Accompanied by their creator The Bat God, Barbados. They have come with one goal to make our Earth theirs.

The Dark Knights from DC Comics  Dark Nights Metal Event.
“The Dark Nights” DC Comics 2018

What makes the alternate versions of Batman so intimidating is they are Batmen and women with the Powers of the Justice League. Each of them having one-shots to further explore their origins. The most notable being “The Batman Who Laughs” who is a Joker/Batman hybrid leading the charge. As these Dark Knights Terra-formed Gotham and set their sites on the rest of the planets. The League not even being a match for these Knights.

After many epic battles with characters both new and classic throughout the Multiverses. The long-awaited re-introductions in a post Rebirth Universe of Martin Manhunter, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Plastic Man and so much more. An unimaginable team up that even has Batman saying “we never speak of this.” Leading up to the League gaining control of a substance known as “Tenth Metal.” Using it to undo all the damage and erasing the Dark Multiverse and its creations. The only side effect the source wall was cracked. Resulting in the releasing of unknown and ancient threats.

No Justice

Being the structure which holds the universe together, a crack in its foundation is no laughing matter. As the lanterns try their best to repair and maintain the wall. Brainiac abducts members of the Justice League, Titans, Teen Titans. Along, and a few of Earth’s Villains as well.

Reason being, Brainiac’s home world is in danger of extinction. From ancient beings known as “The Omega Titans”. Four Brothers who embody one of the four fundamental energies of sentient life. Not suppose to appear until the end of the universe, were released by the crack in the source wall the Justice League created. These titans devour worlds predetermined on which energy of the four shines brightest.

Brainiac admits he could not handle this threat on his own and proceeds to tell the captures his plan. To form four teams to combat these titans. Named after these fundamental energies Wisdom, Entropy, Mystery, and Wonder.

From Justice League No Justice
The four teams created by Brainiac DC Comics 2018

Only problem is Brainiac would not live to see his plan come to fruition. As Amanda Waller gathered the worlds most powerful physics to steal secrets of the universe from his mind. Exploding his head in the process. Leaving the teams left behind to improvise. Thanks to the newly gathered intel Amanda Waller and Green Arrow find out The Titans next target, Earth.

How can the heroes of Earth stop beings who look at characters such as Superman, Martian Manhunter, and Dr. Fate as ants? Easy using their own energy against them. By constructing a seed of all the fundamental energies and shooting it at the Omega Titan Entropy. The brothers consume Entropy and they vanish in an explosion from their own power.

What Is Next For The Justice League

This series was meant to serve as only the beginning of the threats to come. As the Justice League decides to branch out into three new teams to deal with whatever threats come their way. These teams are Justice League Dark, Justice League Odyssey, The Outsiders, and the main Justice League.  

From DC Comics Justice League No Justice Issue 4
The new versions of the Justice League DC Comics 2018

New Team, New Justice

Now the recap is complete, it’s time to get to what this article is about. The new adventures of the new Justice League. With Dark Nights Metal and Justice League, No Justice serving as prequels to this series. The League is in way more then they can handle. Get ready for nostalgic DC Comics goodness, mixed with a modern touch of awesome.

New Threats…

Right off the bat in issue one, a comet traveling throughout the universe past heading for earth. Not bond by time this object hurling through the universe can be seen by Justice League 3001, the monitor, to even immortals of present day. These Immortals know what the object is, calling it the beginning and the end.

Back on earth, the new “Hall of Justice” makes it’s post DC Rebirth debut. Serving as their main headquarters, We see the new Justice League taking on an army of Neanderthals. Here is were the true scope of how much the league has grown. All lead by Martian Manhunter from the old Watchtower facility. Familiar? if so, it’s because it was the same position he held in the “Justice League” Unlimited cartoon. Ultimately, the League was victorious and the readers get to discover their leader, Vandal Savage the immortal himself.

Enter Lex Luthor, He’s Putting Together What!

Vandal admits it was his plans to lose this battle, As he builds towards a new Injustice Gang. However, Lex Luthor has different plans. Showing up unannounced at Savage’s layer sporting his iconic green and purple armor. Lex subdues the immortal Lex and says “I know what you have hidden from me and every other human in the planet. The darkest secret in this universe. So I am here to rescue you Savage from Life.”

He then goes on to say “I want to hear you say it, Savage. That you knew it all along. Knew what the Source Wall really was. What’s inside it…” Now the final moment is upon us. And you built an “Injustice Gang”. When you knew what this great moment really needed was a Damn Legion.

All of this drive comes from a vision/memory of the future in issue five. As Lex appears in Lexor city, a future joker informs the genius he was known as “The Great Tragedy. Being the one who saw the truth but missed the key to unlocking it in his time.

The future inhabitants go on to show Lex the symbol of immense power. known as “DOOM!” Before awaking and taking off to recruit. His goal with the Legion is to take control of the seven hidden forces of the universe.

What is Totality?

Meanwhile, Martian Manhunter is explaining the comet seen heading towards earth has come to life and contains all the source wall’s energy. A totally that is rocketing towards Earth and will impact earth in three minutes.

Flash then goes on to explain the seriousness of the matter. By asking “You’re saying that the heart of the source wall just started rocking towards this planet and inside it is a message inside who might give anyone who decodes it limitless power?” To which Martian Manhunters confirms.

To prepare the league devises a plan to shrink Batman and Hawkgirl to shrink down to microscopic size. After that, enter Superman and Martian Manhunters systems. Then have the two get close to the living comet “Totality” for further investigation.

As the two approach “Totality”. They have to fight through of army of mutated nearby animals. As the energy from this being can change a simple lizard to a killer croc level threat. While inside the heroes Batman and Hawkgirl fight off mutagens attacking inside of Superman and Martian Manhunter. 

Buying just enough time for the duo to see the massive being Totally really is. As they must try now to overcome the power of the source wall itself! During this battle, Martian Manhunter connects to Totality itself and unlocks the first force. Once unlocked they escape to find Lex Luthor and the Joker had shrunk down to microscopic size as well.

To perform a hostile takeover of Superman and Manhunter’s minds. In order to access the power to bend reality. As the rest of the Legion focuses on unlocking the remaining six forces.

New Legion Of Doom Takes Control of the Justice League!

A power such as DOOM, cannot be summoned at will. It has to be channeled through a medium. Yet finding a medium to which can hold the power of the Source wall can be quite difficult. Not for Lex Luthor. As he found the mystical object in the form of a doorknob. Which displays the same symbol showed to him from the future. 

Sections of the doorknob light up as each of the seven ancient forces light up. Each an opposite of the seven forces which governs how the Universe currently runs.

Lex Luthor and Joker’s Mental Takeover

With Martian Manhunter unlocking the first force. All that was needed was to take over his mind. A task Joker is willing to take. After hijacking Hawkgirl’s pod, he attaches himself to Manhunter’s brain and bends him to his will. Same happens for Lex Luthor after he takes down Batman’s pod to get to Superman’s mind.

Grodds Wrath

At the same time the second force was unlocked as Grodd was able to access the “Still Force”, A power that can freeze The Flash in his tracks. Which is exactly what the Gorilla did. Thanks to an infant who can channel the force at will. So who better to channel the power than a being who can control minds at will in Grodd. At the same time causing illusions in Aquaman and Wonder Woman’s heads putting them at war with one another. That’s right Grodd takes down three Justice League Members at the same time.

Grodd’s main intentions were to distract the members While Black Manta and Cheetah hunt for a hidden treasure deep within Atlantis. The Key to the Graveyard of the Gods. 

Sinestro Becomes Leader of Largest Lantern Core

Lastly Sinestro uses the power of the Ultraviolet Lantern core to control John Stewart Green Lantern. Not for long but a power which controls a character such as John shows how intimating this force really is. As he uses this power to grow this core to the largest core in history. Forcefully recruiting Earths population along with other members of lantern cores. Leaving a weakened John Stewart and Cyborg to take on Sinestro and his new core.

All hoped seamed lost for the Justice League. Until a familiar Dark Knight made his return.

The Justice League Gives Into Their Weaknesses

Batman survived Lex’s attack on his pod and is pissed off. Charging an assault on Luthor so close to releasing DOOM.  In an epic battle that left Batman broken. At the same time, Hawkgirl awakens from Jokers attack and fights for control as well. Their goal was accomplished by freeing Superman and Manhunter enough long enough to return to the Hall of Justice. 

Once free and The League able to communicate with one another. They discovered they are all overwhelmed by the Legions powers. With Martian Manhunter finally making a suggestion that can help save the Universe. Instead of fighting these forces holding the League captive. They should give into them.

The fastest man in alive slows down. Martian connects to the minds of all connected to Sinestro’s core. John Stewart connecting to the Ultraviolet lantern core, while in a speed force accelerated car coupled with Superman’s Strength.  With Hawkgirl going after Luthor in an attempt to stop DOOM. All ending with the Earth cleared and shining bright, the symbol of the White Lantern Core. 


The story continues in issue seven of Justice Leauge, out September 5th. This comic’s writing and illustrating are far better to that of the Justice League live action movie. Now you are caught up, you to can start reading this series either from the beginning for the full experience or on issue seven. As anyone who is a comic book fan should be reading this series.

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