Black Cat Film Production is releasing it’s newest web series Mia Morris’ Diary. The web series, Mia Morris’ Diary is a modern retelling of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The series remained inspired by Carmila, Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Notes by Christine, and Cate Morland Chronicles.

Mia Morris’ Diary Synopsis

is a series that follows a college student Mia Morris (Skye Fitzpatrick) and her friends (Thomas Bishop, Timothy Clark, Sharee Muller, Rafferty Parer, and Isis Calje). Mia and her friends face the supernatural and evil forces at their university.

For some reason, at their university, a lot of unexplained attacks are taking place. It is up to Mia and her friends to solve the mystery. You follow and get to witness it all as it unfolds. Everything from losing friends to gaining new allies to getting unexpected and unexplained news to lastly, blood ceremonies…

This series will be released in September 2018. However, the production with Black Cat Film Productions is starting as soon as they can. They want to lock in film shoot sates, secure cast and crew, and obtain necessary locations and completing the paperwork. While you have a few months to go until this series is live, mark your calendars now!

Pledges For A Great Web Series

What Mia Morris’ Day does need are pledges for their web series. As aforementioned, they need to secure dates, cast and crew, and above all else — lock in film shoot days, which is the most important of all. They have an Indiegogo campaign for their web series and if you would like to help out, check out what they are about here.

All the funds raised will go towards production cost, props and costumes, food, post-production, and marketing as well. You can check out their FacebookTwitterYouTube, and Instagram for more information and important announcements.

You can catch the trailer as well!

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