Mexican Gaming Industry To Be Worth Over $10 Billion By 2023

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Here at The Daily Fandom, we love anything and everything to do with the gaming industry. From people who have made a huge difference in the gaming world, like Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime to the pure excitement of seeing what the year will bring for us in terms of new game releases. However, one part of the world that has piqued our interest recently when it comes to gaming is Mexico: The Mexican Gaming Industry.

Rising from the shadows, over recent years the Mexican gaming industry has seen a surge in popularity from both the consumer perspective and the developer side, with many startup gaming companies choosing to call Mexico home. At the beginning of the year, a Medium contributor and Mexico-based game developer, Antonio Uribe, wrote a long and detailed article. It culminated all of the facts and figures regarding the gaming industry in Mexico and it was a pretty interesting read.

From there, we wanted to look into the actual figures surrounding the up and coming industry.

The Numbers Of The Mexican Gaming Industry

The gaming industry in Mexico grew by 9.1% in 2018. Its popularity could also be seen through a number of entrants to their annual video gaming contest. This saw 4x more entrants in 2018 than they had just three years earlier. However, mobile gaming in Mexico alone, according to Statista, is a segment worth over $750 million and the majority of players in Mexico are aged between 25 and 34 years old. (They accounted for more than a third of the gamers interviewed.)

Virtual & Augmented Reality

With the launch of Mexico’s first VR arcade in Guadalajara, which runs on a pay monthly system, we can see the influence that VR and AR are having on the industry in Mexico.

“These immersive experiences, like the ones demonstrated at Lumo Technologies’ arcade, are going to be a major contributing factor to the growth and success of gaming across Mexico”

says Christopher Castrejon of

“I also expect to see a lot more AR developments in the next few years too; there are an abundance of startups in Mexico who have already successfully implemented complex AR into mobile applications and gaming would be the natural next step”

he continued.

Women In Gaming

Last but not least, one of the contributing factors could be the increase in popularity in women in gaming. Last year, the Women Gaming Jam was launched in Brazil and this year other LatAm countries are taking part, including Mexico. The hackathon encourages women to get more involved in game development and, through this, we could see an increase in the popularity of gaming for women as a whole.

What are your thoughts on the Mexican gaming industry? Is this going to be the next big thing? Let us know below!

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