At this point, I’m fully invested in the 20XX series. 20XX #3 only solidified what I already knew about this series. It’s amazing. Jonathan Luna and Lauren Keely did a fantastic job crafting the story and plot. Luna’s art is fascinating in a way I never thought I’d feel about black and white. The first issue had me hooked. Mer, Nuon, and Lucas are deep characters with backstories I want to learn more about. In just three issues, Luna and Keely dived into an intense world of gang rivalry and romance. I am so here for it.

What Happens In 20xx #3?

At the end of 20XX #2, we got a steamy make-out session with Mer and Nuon (known to Mer as Soriya). Nuon was planning to plant a bug on Mer, but it hadn’t happened yet. Lucas was running from his problems (this seems to be a character trait of his). Mer settled into her new West Side gang, fearing training. In 20XX #3 we get a more in-depth look at all of the characters. Lucas heads to Zayan’s place to threaten him about the whole Randall and Yara ordeal.

Page 2 of 20XX #3
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Wyatt and Andres (East Side members) go to Zayan’s place to find out where Lucas might be. Obviously, this ends in an all-out fight between the three, Lucas trying to escape with Zayan while Wyatt and Andres try to stop them. At the same time, Zayan tries to escape from Lucas. Eventually, he does, by literally jumping into a lake and swimming away. Mer spends half her time training with Diego, who can also control soft tissue. Except, he seems kind of strange and distant. I’m not sure if that’s actually his personality or not, but he was kind of bland.

The Best Main Character: Mer

Mer is full of surprises. At the beginning of the series, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like Mer or not. She seemed like she might be the kind of girl to sit around and complain about her situation instead of going out and changing it. 20XX #3 proved that that is not the case. She put effort into practicing her powers, even though she really didn’t want to. It’s clear that she’s making herself at home in the Sim world, and I’m so proud of her.

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Her relationship with Nuon is also getting very fun and interesting to follow. As the two get closer together, Nuon’s lies will be harder to continue. That’s one of the best tropes in romance, and the fact that it’s happening with a gay couple makes the series even better.

The World They’ve Built

I know I’ve gone on and on about this, but the world that they’ve created here is intense and really awesome. I can only hope that this series goes long enough for us to get to a point where Mer is a total bada** and can hold her own in a fight with another sim. It’s hard to tell good stories about real people who have to face problems in their lives. Science fiction is a great backdrop for talking about these issues.

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Government, side-choosing, LGBTQ+ rights, they’ve opened up a world where these things can easily be spoken about. Not only that, but this world seems sustainable for a long run of issues. So much could happen. With two gangs and what seems to be a slowly crumbling government system, there are a plethora of ideas left to explore.

Should You Read 20XX #3?

At this point, I feel like this section is probably pretty unnecessary because of how much I love this series, but we’re going to talk about it anyways. Yes, you should read 20XX #3. You should read it because the characters are well thought out and dynamic. These relationships are complex and easily breakable (making for good drama later); there is incredible diversity and potential for even more. So yes, you should read 20XX #3. You should start at #1 and keep going because this series doesn’t seem like it’s going to hit a rough note. Stick around for this one. I’m going to.

Mer Deserves The Entire World In 20XX #3
Diverse characters
Intense and explorable world
Really good set up for future issues
I know these characters are going to make me cry at some point
Still not a HUGE fan of black and white