Meet The Daily Fandom Team




A teacher and editor by day; a superhero named Misty Knight by night. She enjoys writing, connecting, conversing, and using the Oxford comma. If you catch her when she's not running The Daily Fandom, she will talk your ear off about comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Aileen Rosa

Editorial Intern & Contributor

Three Bachelor’s Degrees in English and a Certificate in Professional Writing. She is the kid that never grew up. Her life is filled with nothing but books, Disney, anime, and superheroes. If she is not at work or the library then she is writing her novels.

Angie Fazekas

Fandom Section Head

Angie been reading and writing fanfiction since the age of 14 and loves talking about anything fandom. Also interested in all things Marvel, true crime, musical theatre, and, admittedly weirdly, high-altitude mountaineering.

Chelsea McCormick

Editorial Intern & Contributor

An aspiring entertainment marketer with a BA in History and Political Science from UC Irvine. Writer, gamer, travel photographer, Comic-Con staff volunteer, a lifelong lover of all things fandom, currently donating her soul to Blizzard. Unapologetic Hanzo Main.

Brandon Daniels

Culture Section Head

An undergrad studying physics and creative writing; he loves getting into and geeking out over TV, film, and most predominately, comics.

Colleen Etman

Fandom Author

Writer, editor, and grad student with a passion for all things pop culture. Ready to squeal, debate, over-analyze, and fangirl at any moment!

Aaron Halls

Culture Contributor

Arts journalist with a love of film, TV, and superheroes. He will argue Carly Rae Jepsen is underrated until his dying breath.

Brian Long

Culture Author

Brian Long is an educator and comic book/movie lover who's still trying to decide if he can pull off a Superman spit curl or not. He is also just glad you decided to stop by.

Cal Sabatini

Comic(s) Contributor

A college student studying at Savannah College of Art and Design for comic books and creates his own historical fiction comics when he can.

Claudia O'Flaherty

Comic(s) Contributor

Uses her degree to loudly talk about the history of comics to anyone who will listen. Avid player of CRPGs and reader of Silver Age Comics.

Daniel Garcia

Comic(s) Contributor

Daniel is a fan of all things comic book culture. From DC to Marvel to many Independent publishers.

Diane Dang

Marketing Intern + Contributor

English Grad Student. Sleepy. Enjoys candy. I have an addiction to analyzing media. If you’d like to debate, come at me, bro.

Emma Gadbery

Animanga Contributor

Emma Gadbery is an aspiring fiction writer and illustrator. She is a part of too many fandoms to count, but some of those include Marvel, DC, and anime.

Helen Moy

Animanga Contributor

An aspiring writer with a Bachelor's in English Literature and a passion for stories.

Joshua Huang

Gaming Contributor

A daydreaming writer and casual gamer with a love of online culture.

Jay Lankau

Culture Contributor

An undergraduate student studying writing. When he's not writing, he's either drinking too much coffee, petting his cat, or playing video games.

Justine Porciuncula

Literature Contributor

A recent grad that enjoys reading, writing, eating, and daydreaming. She loves literature, has a great appreciation for clever puns and expresses the inner fangirl in her through writing.

Kristina Brandt

Literature Contributor

Kristina is a writer, reader, and blogger with a Bachelor's in Creative Writing. Always in the mood to discover new authors and stories.

Kyle Scher

Comic(s) Contributor

Kyle Scher is a graduate from the University of Winchester and he was the Chair of the university's Comic Book Society for two years.

Maria Marks

Animanga & Gaming Contributor

Consultant by day; a lover of writing horror-fiction, drawing & nerding out with a game of MTG. Aspire to one day be a storyboard artist.

Madeline Matsumoto-Duyan

Comic(s) Contributor

A recent grad of UC Berkeley, Madeline is an aspiring writer and avid fangirl of all things Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and more!


Culture Contributor

A recent grad and Toronto native who loves “bad” teenage shows that are actually really good, Voltron, and way too much more.

Sayge Kortenber

Culture & Comic(s) Contributor

Sayge is an undergraduate studying for her English degree. Inspiring writer and media journalist. DnD player, comic book and cartoon enthusiast.

Taimoor Hussain

Culture Contributor

Taimoor Hussain is a passionate gamer and frequent streamer. He spends his productive hours critiquing the latest TV shows and movies and does extensive reviews on the latest games for smartphones and PC alike.

Wesley Uribe

Comic(s) Contributor

Wesley loves anything related to comics, art, tv, movies, and cosplay. You can always find him drawing or reading a comic book.