Are you wondering who is the MC in Durarara? Then keep reading as we unveil the identity of this enigmatic character and what his role will be in the upcoming episodes.

Durarara has managed to gather a massive fandom over the years due to its initial novel series and its eventual adaptation to anime and manga series.

The action takes place in a small district in Tokyo named Ikebukuro and presents a modern take on underworld life and mythologies. 

MC in Durarara

Who Is The MC In Durarara?

Main Character of Durarara 

The show presents the stories of several distinct characters whose paths cross in situations of chaos. They all hold significance in the plot and hence it is difficult to entirely pinpoint a single main character.

However, the consensus suggests that two characters stand out in terms of their involvement in the plot i.e. Mikado and Celty. Since the story initially covered Mikado’s journey of coming to Ikebukuro and his experiences, some fans consider him to be the main character.

Others feel the same about Celty because she is a Dullahan living amongst mortals and adjusting to their lifestyle while being involved as a courier in the underworld. 

Is Anime Durarara Based On Real Life

Anime is a medium that has gained immense popularity in recent years, with a wide range of shows being released for viewers to enjoy.

One such show is Durarara, a mysterious, suspenseful anime series set in the bustling city of Ikebukuro. It follows the lives of a host of characters from various backgrounds and features an array of supernatural and unusual occurrences. But is this world based on any real-life events?

The answer is both yes and no. While Durarara features elements of real-life urban culture and has many characters that are based on real-life figures, the overall plot and events of the anime are completely fictional.

It does, however, draw inspiration from real life, with the show’s creators pulling ideas from both the city of Ikebukuro and the Shibuya wards of Tokyo.

As a result, the show has a realistic backdrop and feel to it, making viewers feel like they’re experiencing something familiar.

The show’s protagonist, Mikado Ryugu, is based on the real-life figure of Mikado Ryugamori, a youth of Ikebukuro renowned for his daring personality.

Similarly, the antagonists, the Dollars gang, which is a gang of young people led by Izaya Orihara, are based on the Shibuya gang called the Pink Spider Boys.

Durarara also touches on various other themes from real-life Japanese culture, including Yakuza activities, pop culture, and technological advancements.

Aside from these characters, Durarara also has a variety of supernatural elements. While the events and the characters in the anime are fictional, the idea of a mysterious figure controlling events from the shadows is not.

In fact, this is how Yokai, or monsters, are portrayed in Japanese folklore. This is why Izaya Orihara, the show’s main antagonist, is often referred to as the ‘Headless Rider’.

In conclusion, while Durarara is a wholly fictitious anime series, it draws upon real-life elements to give it an authentic feel and atmosphere.

Its characters and events, while fictional, are based off of real-life events and people, giving the series a realistic backdrop and a believable story.

With its vision of a bustling urban culture and its unique supernatural elements, Durarara offers viewers a far-reaching and captivating insight into the world around us.

Mikado’s Journey in Durarara 

Mikado can be considered a grey character because even though he started as a shy and innocent school-going boy, a darker side to him is revealed after he participates in underworld politics.

He started the group Dollars on the internet as a prank and to network with other users, but he did not have any ill intentions behind it.

Izaya’s company started changing him because he exhibited aggressive tendencies and fell prey to his manipulation. Izaya also instigates him to turn more violent and resort to criminal activities to get what he wants. 

He eventually gets into a trance and does not evaluate the consequences of his irrational decisions.

He loses his conscience to the extent that he tries to harm his best friend Masaomi, who was the reason for Mikado’s arrival to the city in the first place.

After a point, he came to terms with all the devastation and loss that was caused due to him and therefore tried to kill himself. It was a turning point because Celty rushed to save him and helped him gain his senses.

Towards the end, he receives the forgiveness of all his friends and is also appreciated for his heroic gesture of saving Anri.

After he recovered from that attack, his life returns to normalcy. In this way Mikado attained a full circle of life in the course of the series. 

Celty’s Journey in Durarara 

Celty Sturluson is also regarded as the Black Rider throughout the series. She is an Irish mythical figure named Dullahan whose search for her missing head brings her to Ikebukuro.

She usually puts on a helmet along with her all-black outfit to blend in with the humans. She perceives the world through the shadow she emits.

She becomes a subject for the scientific curiosity of Shinigen Kishitani, his second wife and son Shinra

durarara mikado dark side

Celty undertakes some underworld tasks and it involves a lot of fighting that exhibits her physical strength.  For example, when the kidnappers of Rio accidentally assumed Celty as their target, they attacked her.

After a series of chases, Celty ended up saving Rio from killing herself and decided to make the world a better place. She has always been protective of her friends and has a greater composure than humans. 

Her relationship with Shinra was one of the prominent plot points in the series. She was always holding herself back because of being different but Shinra changed her for the better.

He did not want Celty to get her head back because it would have marked the end of their relationship. But they managed to cross all the hurdles that came their way and are assumed to be married.

During the final curtain arc she tried to leave their world for good and even bid her farewell to her friends Masaomi and Mikado. But Shinra put his life at risk trying to stop her and that led to a change of heart. 

Mikado’s Relationship With Anri 

Mikado and Anri have known each other from a tender age being classmates, and their friendship grew further when they became class representatives.

They usually mentioned being just friends but peers around them suspected that there was something more. Mikado wanted to take the relationship ahead but since he was usually shy and around friends, he could not gather the courage.

who is the main villain in durarara

Even Anri was restricting herself from pursuing the relationship due to Saika’s presence. At the same time, she was also protective of Mikado and ended up saving his life twice.

It strengthened Mikado’s feelings for her, but their relationship was unable to take shape because of Mikado’s changing attitude.

He was losing himself to the darkness and acting cold towards Anri. Eventually, when Mikado restored his normalcy, he started dating Anri. 

Is Mikado The Mastermind In Duarara?

Mikado Ryugamine is one of the most enigmatic and mysterious characters in the popular anime series, Durarara!! But does he have a secret master plan? Is Mikado really the mastermind of the events that have been unfolding in the show?

Some viewers of the show have noticed that many of the events that occur in the show appear to stem from Mikado’s own scheming.

He seems to be orchestrating the major plot points and manipulating the lives of those around him, making it seem as if he has an ultimate goal or objectives that are yet to be revealed.

The evidence in the show certainly implies that Mikado is the puppeteer. From his encounter in the secret “chatroom” with a curator of the underground, to his involvement with a high-stakes gang conflict, Mikado’s adventures are always interesting to watch.

It is partly because viewers may have the feeling that there is a brain behind the seemingly random events and hint at one of the main questions found in Kurasu Shousetsu’s original light novel – Who is the MC in Durarara?!

It is entirely possible that Mikado is indeed the true mastermind, although his motivations remain unknown.

He could be trying to help his friends, playing out a dangerous game that has its own set of rules, or perhaps even learning more about the mysterious “chatroom” that has an interesting history of its own.

No matter the reason, Mikado is certainly playing a more important role in the show, and viewers continue to be intrigued by the developments that are occurring. Whether he is the ultimate puppeteer or merely a puppet himself, Mikado is certainly a fascinating character.

Throughout the course of the show, Mikado has been shown to be more resourceful and intelligent than initially expected, and it would not be too difficult to imagine him plotting and planning a grand scheme.

His main rival in the show, Izaya Orihara, has proven to be an equally capable antagonist, making him a worthy rival to the protagonist.

If Mikado is indeed playing a much larger role than what it initially appears, viewers of the show will be in for a wild ride.

How Mikado’s story will play out and what he has in store is something that nobody can really be sure of, but viewers can at least be sure of one thing: Mikado Ryugamine is no ordinary high school kid. He may very well be the master planner of the events in Durarara!!

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