Maxine And Manon Make A Mistake In New Mutants #6

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Things could be going significantly better for the Krakoa kids. While the last issue was spent in space with the core team, we resume the other half of the story here, picking up from the fourth issue. New Mutants #6 is written by Ed Brisson (Old Man Logan), drawn by Flaviano (Black Widow), colored by Carlos Lopez (The Amazing Mary Jane), lettered by Travis Lanham (Unbeatable Squirrel Girl), and with designs by Tom Muller (House/Power Of X).

New Mutants #6 - Marvel (2020)
New Mutants #6 – Marvel (2020)

The Kids Aren’t Alright

Well, at least Boom-Boom is here! Drunk, yes, but here! Getting drunk and beating people up is becoming a staple of Dawn Of X, so that’s fun. New Mutants #6 cuts straight to the action, as Boom-Boom and Armor are being fired upon by drug dealers on Beak’s family farm. Everything is on fire and the girls get hit by a power-dampening bomb. So they’re maybe a little worse than regular drug dealers.

New Mutants #6 - Marvel (2020)
New Mutants #6 – Marvel (2020)

While they’re dealing with the threat above, Glob, Maxine, and Manon are down below with Beak, Angel, and their kids. Now I feel I should point out, I am a huge fan of Glob Herman. Even more specifically, I am a huge fan of Glob Herman written by Ed Brisson. During Brisson’s Old/Dead Man Logan run, he wrote a pitch-perfect Glob and he’s back at it here. Is a great Glob and a good Boom-Boom enough to carry a bland Armor? Glob is at odds with the twins, Maxine and Manon, over their use of their mutant gifts. Perhaps the Krakoan law of “kill no man” doesn’t apply to children?

New Mutants #6 - Marvel (2020)
New Mutants #6 – Marvel (2020)

Things Go From Bad To Worse

With the drug dealers keeping them hostage gone, the kids make their way outside with Beak and Angel. Refusing to let things get too easy, Beak is shot as they exit the house. Chaos ensues, with Angel lashing out in revenge, while Maxine and Manon convince one of the drug dealers to turn on the rest. This has become a mad dash to get out with their lives.

The drug dealers in New Mutants #6 are a little generic themselves, but what they represent is another front that humanity is attacking mutants on. With Krakoan drugs now made available to the world, it’s impacted the black market in a profound way. These dealers from Costa Perdita represent a drug cartel that is over 40,000 members strong and worth almost two billion dollars. The availability of Krakoan drugs is considered an act of war by them and so here they are. This group will definitely be revisited later since Dawn Of X is all about sowing seeds for future conflicts.

New Mutants #6 - Marvel (2020)
New Mutants #6 – Marvel (2020)

The Moral Ambiguity Of New Mutants #6

I partially question why the kids don’t go the extra mile and just let Beak die since they can resurrect him anyways. The kids make it back to Krakoa with Beak and Angel, as well as their children, but at what cost? Beak’s parents were killed as a result of this whole mission. The heartbreak continues when Maxine and Manon do what they consider to be helpful. Beak’s pain at losing his parents devastated him, so the kids changed his memories so that his parents died long ago. They rob him of any sort of closure and steal his proper memories. It’s an unsettling concept, to have your memories rewritten and have no idea. He will live a lie every day now until he finds out. They always find out.

Marvel (2020)
New Mutants #6 – Marvel (2020)

Is New Mutants #6 Worth Your Time?

New Mutants is such a unique monster in Dawn Of X. It really does suffer from not being split into two books. I am sure that Marvel is convinced these kids on their own wouldn’t sell well enough, so they anchor them with the core team, but it really messes with the pacing of these stories.

Brisson’s doing a decent job here with the characters’ voices, minus Armor, but the plot is a little by-the-numbers. Flaviano and Lopez are in fine form here, however, as they elevate New Mutants #6 to new heights. Glob looks every bit like a soft monster, as he should, and the kids are creepy, yet tender. They’re working within such limited space on the farm, but really make a meal out of it. The art team makes it worth the price of admission. Also Glob Herman.

Glob Herman is a feature, not a bug
Great art by a pair that works wonders together
Fairly generic plot with generic bad guys
A boring Armor
Not being done any favors by being spliced with the core team
Thank Glob

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