Max Takes A Quantum Leap In Life Is Strange #3

Life Is Strange #3

Titan Comics mind-bending Life is Strange comic that takes place after the “Sacrifice Arcadia Bay” ending continues with Life is Strange #3. While this would have been the penultimate issue, I hear that has thankfully changed. Titan has decided to make the comic an ongoing which will prove interesting considering how Life is Strange #3 ends and the implications of what is to happen to Max. Emma Vieceli and Claudia Leonardi deliver the most intriguing issue yet because of this mystery.

Confounding Opening That I Hope Pays Off

Life is Strange #3 spends its first few pages focusing on the band that Chloe and Max have joined in the year between the game and the comic. While they were interesting enough in the first issue, their inclusion at this point seems to only serve two purposes. One is to restate the themes of the comic which is closure and choosing what you want. The other purpose they serve is to blatantly tell the audience something that many people who played the games already knew. Chloe and Max’s friendship could potentially be something more, in the romantic sense, if they said how they felt about each other.

The problem with this is telling rather than showing. But the odd thing is that Emma Vieceli is already showing us how Chloe and Max feel about each other due to their actions in Life is Strange #3. I don’t see what the scenes purpose is to be honest, as for now, I have to read this issue as it was originally intended to be. Part three of a four-issue miniseries. This entire scene just seems redundant to anyone that has been following the Max and Chloe story, but I could be wrong depending on what happens in future issues.

The Implication Of What Will Happen To Our Favorite Duo

The rest of the issue doesn’t feel as jarring as that opening, putting the focus on Max and Chloe again. Not only that but we get the appearances of two potential love interests, depending on the player’s choice of course, from the games. Rachel for Chloe and Warren for Max. It was great to see both characters, as they are both intriguing in their own right. Warren, in particular, was a character I always felt was underutilized in the game and so it was great to see him.

As a side note, I love the fact that the alternate universe where Rachel is still alive is brightly colored. Claudia Leonardi has done a good job differentiating the different realities in the art style, but the brighter colors really suit Rachel’s personality. What is good about these appearances is that they ramp up the drama for our respective characters while also beginning to answer the mystery that is at hand. Max is not jumping through timelines, she is literally jumping through realities. There are multiple Max’s trying to figure out what is causing the “Flickers,” and this is fascinating stuff. The games briefly touched on the idea that time is not a linear concept that can be quantified, and Life is Strange #3 takes it to the next logical conclusion.

Life Is Strange #3 Makes The Conclusion Of This Arc Intriguing

Life is Strange #3 leaves you wanting more. I know this for a fact because I cannot wait for the next issue. I have to know how this ends because of the implications of the Quantum Leap reference. It makes it seem like we are building to a conclusion that could be heart-breaking. But since this has been upgraded to an ongoing series by Titan Comics, it leaves me wondering if we are even going to get the originally intended ending for this story.

This is the best issue so far and does what every Life is Strange thing should do. Puts the focus on character relationships while also telling a satisfying mystery.

Life Is Strange #3
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