What To Binge Watch? – Marvel’s Runaways Is Getting Back Together In ‘Reunion’


Marvel’s Runaways series is the hottest new series to watch on Hulu. We finally got around to checking out the first episode, and we are impressed and cannot wait to watch the rest.

So, in light of the series being unfinished — we have some time to say our thoughts about the first episode. And, we may just review every episode after this for the sake of it being a damn good show? Who knows!

The Runaways: Episode 1 — ‘Reunion’

Right off the bat, the series begins spectacularly. I thought it started the whole “high school, young adult” vibe off really well. Each character is perfectly executed and expanded upon within just this first episode.

You get the idea that they used to be old friends, something happened, and now Alex is trying to get a “reunion” together. Things have drastically changed from when they were children, but we still get they care about one another. Even if they do not want to show it.

This episode is trying to get back to old times, at least what they get towards after so much time has passed. Alex also just wants to try and rekindle their friendship for Nico. She is going through a mid-life teenage crisis and since Alex + Nico = heart eyes, we all want them to hang out. Well… at least I do?

Main Characters Of The Season

However, this episode does go by quick, but in the best way. I was pleased with how much I wanted this episode to continue — which is amazing for a YA superhero show. So, the main characters in this series are —

  1. Alex Wilder (Rhenzy Feliz),
  2. Nico Minoru (Lyrica Okano),
  3. Karolina Dean (Virginia Gardner),
  4. Gert Yorkes (Ariela Barer),
  5. Molly Hernandez (Allegra Acosta),
  6. And, Chase Stein (Gregg Sulkin).

We will be going into a little more depth about these characters throughout each review. We will review episodes one through ten. By the time we reach ten, we hope we will have knowledge about who these characters are and how they came to be the way that they are at the present time of the start of episode one.

I am looking forward to seeing how different or similar the comics are to the show and if they changed anything. I know Brian K. Vaughan did his own rendition of a script for a possible film back in 08′ so I am excited to see what they did with this comic series as far as television.

The Comic + The Show + The Greatness

The show is based on the comic series under the same name — which, you can find anywhere on the internet if you want to read it. They are outstanding. Nonetheless, these actors and actresses do the characters so much justice from the comics. They are damn good at what they do and show it endlessly in this pilot episode. It was what kept me watching — of course, they can be cringe at times — but, for the most part, this show has got it right.

Runaways premise is pretty straightforward:

“Super kids, who don’t know they are super, have criminal parents in the group known as PRIDE.”

They unite against one common enemy which is their parents and try and find a way to take them down. Old friends become close friends once again, and they are doing this all while trying to figure out high school. And, everyone knows… high school sucks. Runaways is a delightful watch, from the beginning cinematography and directing to the end, you will be on the edge of your seat.


  • “The Parents” are having a PRIDE meeting just in the middle of the kitchen?
  • Chase is an asshole, but kind of likable? I kind of like him a little with Gert? #Ship?
  • Gert is #mood like we all need a Gert.
  • Molly is adorable; I love Molly.
    • Also, the first one to have superpowers, which is cool!
  • The character of Karolina is stereotypical, but that might be of importance later.
    • Don’t judge a book by it’s — you know the saying.
  • Karolina and Chase? I don’t ship, but they’re cute pals.
  • Karolina never took the drugs she was just tripping out? #TheMoreYouKnow

52 Minutes Of Pure Coming Of Age Superhero-ness

Is this show good? Yes. Should you watch it? Yes. I mean, it’s a new show as most shows that begin are. There are still things to be fixed, but it is damn good now? Yes. This show is incredibly outstanding to be a Young Adult coming of age superhero show.

We don’t get many of these, so when we do and they are good — we have to protect them at all costs. I am almost positive by season two, this show will take off. The hiccups will be fixed, the characters will be molded a lot more and the parents will be a little less cringe (at times) hopefully.

Verdict of Runaways S1, E1

In the 52 minutes that the first episode is, I was intrigued by what was to come next. I was on the edge of my seat with how the story moved along, and I was wondering what was going to come next. Whose powers were we going to find out next, who was going to move a car next? Is anyone else going to move a car?

So many ships happening in just 52 minutes and I love shipping, so I love Runaways already. The added swear words are nice too; you want this to be a Young Adult show; but, everyone knows when they were fifteen they were saying “shit” or some other swear word they weren’t supposed to with their friends.

At least, I know I did and I know a few of my friends did too. It’s inevitable to want to just swear for no reason at that age. It feels rebellious. At the end of the episode, we get a glimpse into what the PRIDE does. For comic book fans, they know about each one of these characters and the storyline of PRIDE. However, it is always nice to get the backstory for the fans that don’t know anything about the comics.

Marvel Is Always Killin’ It!

I think that is what Marvel does very well in their films, TV series, and whatever else they do. They make everyone feel included, and this was just the same. So, here’s to Runaways, we are hoping for a wonderful beginning to an outstanding ending after the tenth episode.

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