The gang is back in toooooown!

Marvel & Lucasfilm Super Bowl TV Spots: Infinity War and Solo!

Marvel and Lucasfilm are back at it with the trailer drops during the Super Bowl. Yesterday we got a few good commercials, a decent game, but most of all… a short new Infinity War and Solo trailer. Two for one? We can’t complain.

Both trailers were extremely short in terms of new material. Solo, which we have yet to see a full trailer of until today, was a 45 second TV spot. You get a short glimpse of Donald Glover who is playing Lando in the trailer. There are a few sides to this film; some are excited, and some are merely ‘meh.’ I don’t know much about Star Wars so I don’t even touch on that trailer, but you can watch them (they are both linked above!)


One thing we do know is Solo has to be an impressive movie if it wants to make money between Infinity War and Deadpool 2. That is one thing I am worried about. The Infinity War trailer showed us a small glimpse of Captain Marvel (did you see it?) Iron Man’s new suit, and more bearded Steve Rogers. So, let’s just hop right on into the TV spot Infinity War mini trailer.

Marvel TV Spot: Thanos Is Baaaaaaaack!

The beginning of the trailer gives us so much to love already. Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Doctor Strange are the primary focus in the first second. The TV spot times in at precisely thirty seconds. However, a lot happens and is explicated in that thirty seconds. The Guardians are looking swift, especially that scene with Rocket and Thor.

Black Widow’s hair looks great (I say this every time), but I love the blonde, especially. At about twelve seconds, if you haven’t watched closely yet, you can see the star or arm of Captain Marvel behind Steve Rogers. We already knew Brie Larson was going to make a cameo, whether it be small or big – and this confirms it.

I circled it for you, do you see it?

Black Panther and Captain America are the best of friends; I will strike that as character development in Infinity War. But, of course, no one can replace Bucky and Steve! Also, Captain America has a new shield… and it even seems to come out of his arm on his slightly altered new-ish suit. How cool is that?! I mean, it’s a lot easier than carrying that shield on your back don’t you think? Nonetheless, that begs the question, though, what happened to his shield?!

Infinity War Upgrades!

Captain America is not the only one upgrading; Iron Man finally gets a new upgraded suit too. His suit connects to his body, so he just presses a button and boom, he’s Iron Man. That is awesome because who has time to fly your suit all the way from the Avengers mansion to where you are? No one has the time.

The gang is back in toooooown!

It will be awesome to see this new suit in action. The last we saw Bucky Barnes was in Civil War. Bucky remained frozen or something similar to that (just mainly kept out of the public eye). Captain America, Black Panther, and Bucky decided to do so after they realized he has PTSD of some sort. So, that means they had to unfreeze him by the time Infinity War comes… that will be exciting to see.

Is It May Already?

They will keep that running scene in the trailers until we see the movie. Everyone is hyped about the running field scene; myself included. I didn’t think Thanos looked terrible in the first trailer, but a lot were making fun of the CGI. I thought he seemed convincingly scary.

This only confirms that. Thanos looks bad to the ass. I cannot wait to see Thanos in action and kicking everyone in the Avengers’ butt because he can do that. He can do what he wants because he’s Thanos!

This trailer gave us a few mini shots of what is to come from this movie, and I could not be more excited about it. Incredibly delighted to see more Peter Parker in the trailer – more of him in action, please Marvel! We also get one small second of Loki again in this TV spot… I want to know what he does to mess things up. Loki, what did you do?

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