MARVEL in 2017: The MCU Has Big Plans After Doctor Strange

Marvel in 2017
The success of Doctor Strange in the box office is proof that superheros are more popular than ever, and there are no signs of this stopping anytime soon. We take a look at all the movies to be released by MARVEL in 2017.

It’s the era of superhero movies, and MARVEL is at the center of it. While DC seems to be doing better in its TV universe (Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad didn’t exactly meet fans’ expectations), the MCU has seen success after success in theaters. 2016 has been a particularly memorable year for MARVEL: Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange rank among the most popular and highly acclaimed action movies of 2016.

Doctor Strange, the second installment of Phase 3, has seen instant success and praise. The film starred by Benedict Cumberbatch has already won a Hollywood Film Award for its visual effects, and its original soundtrack has also received a lot of praise. Merchandise about Doctor Strange has been flooding geek bookstores, from cosplay accessories to its very own Funko POP figure.

So what’s next for MARVEL?

Looking ahead to next year, there’s some exciting things for MARVEL in 2017: the sequel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (May 5th), the reboot Spider-Man: Homecoming (July 7th), as well as Thor: Ragnarok (November 3rd). So far, most of the previews we have got from these three are the logos released in the past San Diego Comic-Con, as well as a sneak peek for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

MARVEL in 2017
Things are looking pretty interesting in 2018 too. It’s been known for a while now that MARVEL plans the very first live-action movie of Black Panther (who already appeared in Captain America: Civil War). This will be followed by the sequel of Ant-Man, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and another release of the popular Avengers, Avengers: Infinity War. Later down the line, the MCU also has plans for 2019 with Captain Marvel and yet another untitled Avengers sequel, although very few details are known so far.

What to do in the meantime?

Marvel in 2017
With the next movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, coming out in about 6 months from now, there’s plenty of time to kill in the meantime. If you just got out of watching Doctor Strange and cannot get your head of out of the MCU, here are some things to do until the next installment!

  • Read fanfiction. Being as old as it is, the MARVEL universe has one of the biggest fandoms at the moment, and it never stops growing. Bigger fandom means countless fanficion. Whether you want to check out the latest stories inspired by the Doctor Strange movie, or speculate on the future installments, fanfiction will always be there.
  • Play online games. Watching and playing are completely different things. There are many free app games based on the latest movies, like the Marvel Puzzle Quest. If you prefer computer games, you can choose from a large variety of online roulette games.
  • Watch & Vid. It might be a while until Doctor Strange is available on demand, but you can already get the Captain America: Civil War Blu-Ray (or watch it on demand). The thing is, the holidays are always an excellent time for marathoning your favorite franchises. Once you’re done and even more inspired, you can get started on vidding!
How do you feel about the MCU? What do you plan to do until the 2017 movies come out? Let us know in the comments!

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