Ok, I had NO idea what to expect with this event, other than Misha insanity of some kind or other. I love Random Acts so I wanted to participate to help them out and I figured it would be fun. It was so much more than fun, it was downright hysterical, uplifting entertainment, especially tweeting about it with SPNFamily friends. 

The best part about the night was the fact that Random Acts raised over $50,000. How Misha got people to tip was the other best part of the night but I’ll get to that in a minute. 

First off, I now know that Misha’s special brand of crazy may be genetic, his father joined him for a rousing dance move version of the “12 Days of Christmas.” I’m not sure if Misha had already imbibed a bit too much alcohol but his Dad did a better job of remembering all the moves then he did. It was great to see the crowd join in and dance along with the two of them. Hilarity ensued all across the world as we watched and bopped to and fro as well. The other thing I learned is that Jason Manns is definitely a singer I will keep an eye on, I had never heard of him before this and he’s definitely talented. 

We were all somewhat disappointed that Richard Speight Jr. couldn’t make it but Matt Cohen and Rob Benedict more than made up for it. Between Matt miming like he was playing keyboards and cracking Jason’s drummer up, to Rob belting out some killer tunes and the two of them talking about the fact that they were matching clothes again and Misha getting flustered about reading the fine print; it really felt like we were among friends at a Christmas Party. They even had a costume party and found some truly unique costumes among the crowd to highlight. 

The best part of the Stonehenge Apocalypse showing was the livetweeting comments that were made with my twitter friends and the sponsor ad from Serpessence. You read that right, Serpessence. If you didn’t do GISHWHES just look it up. I about fell out of my chair when that ad started. Found out that Misha filmed that in between filming scenes on Supernatural and apparently co-opted some of the SPN film crew to help him. It’s for charity so it’s fine. 

Speaking of it being for charity, let’s talk Matt Cohen. So Misha, as we all know, has no problem with co-opting and commandeering people from SPN to help with GISHWHES and Random Acts, quite often without telling them in advance. Early on in the evening he made a “suggestion” that depending on how much money was raised Matt and Rob would take their shirts off. Instantly the tipping in the live chat took off and one could tell that neither Rob nor Matt had any forewarning. A little later Misha came on to state that if we reached $50k in tips Matt would indeed take his shirt off and another tipping frenzy ensued.  By the end of the night Random Acts had raised over $50k and Matt stated “If it’s coming off it won’t be by my hands,.”. So we were treated to Misha and Rob pulling Matt’s shirt off as part of the closing part of the show. 

One of my twitter friends posted today that we were supposed to censor her objectifying Matt  to which I responded it was Misha’s idea so he’s to blame. It was all in good fun and for a good cause and I think Misha was astonished  as to how much money was donated.  I just hope he didn’t have to film to day because by the end he was trying to get off the stage as quickly as possible. 

I must say that two of my fandoms have truly outdone themselves this week. Stephen Amell capped off his “Fuck Cancer” fundraiser  that had been running off and on for a month at $1.3 million dollars and Random Acts and Misha raised $50,000 in one night. I know Random Acts is thinking big this year and I will continue to support them however I can. I got 2 shirts from Amell’s “Fuck Cancer” and one shirt from Misha’s “Get Kind” Represent campaigns. 

One thing I think all fandoms, no matter what side of whatever divide within the fandom we are on must always remember is that we can be a powerful force for change when we work together. What fandoms have accomplished this month alone is almost incomprehensible. People from all over the world, coming together to help a cause. This is the true power of social media, not twitter wars and Facebook arguments. Social Media is merely a tool, one that we should strive to wield for the greater good. 

I and the TDF crew wish all of you a Happy and Safe Holiday season! 

If you want to watch the Christmas show it is on youtube, if you do watch it, please consider donating to Random Acts afterwards.