Making Clothes For Sir Hopsalot In Over The Garden Wall: Hollow Town

The cover of Over the Garden Wall: Hollow Town.

Welcome back to the Unknown in Over the Garden Wall: Hollow Town. Wirt, Greg, Sir Hopsalot, and Beatrice come across a small and creepy town in the middle of the woods. When some doll looking foreigners come and invite them to their town; will they be welcomed with open arms or shunned? This story is written by Celia Lowenthal (Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Fairies), illustrated by Jorge Monlongo (Hello Kitty series), color assistance by Kiki J. Diaz, letters by Mike Fiorentino (Steven Universe series), and cover by Miguel Mercado (G.I. Joe series).

Over The Garden Wall: Hollow Town: Page 9, Wirt, Greg, and Beatrice on raft.
Over The Garden Wall: Hollow Town © KABOOM! 

When Greg loses his shoe, Wirt goes on a mission to find him a new one. Where is the perfect place to find a shoe? An Autumn fair in a mysterious town deep in the woods. This story takes place in Hollow Town, which seems like a normal town, but something is off. A town that is run by wooden doll people would definitely make anybody feel out of place, especially if you are in a group with two living boys, a bird, and a frog.

When Wirt goes to buy Greg new shoes, he realizes he has no money. In this town, Wirt goes and tries to get a job helping the locals by lifting boxes and anything else he can find. When no one will hire him, he comes across an older woman named Mrs. Clemence. After introducing themselves, she asks if Wirt would like to watch her grandchildren for the night. Wirt takes the job, but what could go wrong with taking care of a bunch of doll children?

Taking On The Mysterious World Of Over The Garden Wall

If you are reading this comic there is a chance you watched the show Over the Garden Wall. If that is the case, you know that the world of Over the Garden Wall can get weird and sometimes unsettling. This comic is no different. Reading about Wirt, Greg, and Beatrice stumbling into a town run by dolls is not out of the ordinary in the Unknown. Celia Lowenthal did this world justice.

Page 17, Wirt, Greg, Beatrice, and dolls in horse and buggy.
Over The Garden Wall: Hollow Town © kaBoom! 

This comic seems like it would be an episode of the original show. With Wirt still being a people pleaser, Greg being a creative, cute kid, and Beatrice trying to round the two kids up and being the brains of the group, it is like we never left the Unknown. While this comic does share various traits of the original show, Lowenthal’s unique voice comes through the pages, which is nice when you are writing in someone else’s universe.

The Art Of Over The Garden Wall: Hollow Town

The thing that stuck out to us in this graphic novel was the fun panel work. When the characters are going on a long walk we are shown the whole thing. We are given this cool two-page spread of them going down these winding paths while their dialogue goes from one page to the next as they go deeper and deeper into the woods. The art is reminiscent of the show but has its own twist.

Page 13, Wirt, Greg, and Beatrice going through the woods.
Over The Garden Wall: Hollow Town © kaBoom! 

The art is playful and cartoony but eerie at the same time. It gives you an unsettling feeling as the original show does. The way this comic is colored looks like it was done with crayons. In some places, it is bright while others are muted and dark. The character models are excellent. Jorge Monlongo does wondrous things with facial features and gets the emotions across. In one panel, Greg is crying and it breaks your heart with the visuals that come with it.

Over The Garden Wall: Hollow Town Is A Great Continuation Of The Story

Over The Garden Wall: Hollow Town: Page 19, Dolls, Wirt, Greg and Beatrice arriving to Hollow town.
Over The Garden Wall: Hollow Town © kaBoom! 

We at the Daily Fandom truly love this comic. From the story, art, and colors there is something to enjoy on every page. Celia Lowenthal brought us a great story from a world that we thought ended a long time ago. The art gives us a spooky vibe with a touch of cuteness. If you are a fan of Over The Garden Wall, do yourself a favor and pick this up at a local book store near you.

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