Magic Is Real In BLACKBIRD #1

Blackbird #1 is written for mature eyes only. If you are old enough to swear, you are old enough to read Blackbird #1. They use f**k, with good reason, there are a lot of reasons you should say f**k in this comic.

Blackbird #1 was the most anticipated comic since the release of it came about earlier this year. Blackbird #1 by writer, Sam Humphries (Citizen Jack, Jonesy under Boom!), and artist, Jen Bartel is absolutely stunning.

We also have Paul Reinwand, Nayoung Wilson, Jodi Wynne, Dylan Todd, and Jim Gibbons respectively. Blackbird #1 is to be released October 3rd under Image Comics, but The Daily Fandom got an advanced review for this glorious comic. There will be no spoilers for this comic, but we will gush about the writing and art because it’s so good.

Blackbird #1 – The Synopsis

This is a neo-noir fantasy surrounding Nina and Marisa Rodriguez, respectively. They are sisters and the story begins and ends with them in the first issue. Nina is positive that a secret magic world that is ruled by ruthless cabals is hiding just beneath Los Angeles.

BLACKBIRD #1, Image Comics | 2018, Humphries & Bartel

Her problem is that everything thinks she is bat-s*** crazy. There’s an even bigger problem than that, though, she’s not bat-s*** crazy and now they have her sister Marisa. Can she figure out what is going on before they take her sister for good? Or before everything unravels?

Humphries’ Writing Is Magnificent

We are familiar with the work of Humphries coming from Jonesy under Boom! which we adored. The writing style of Humphries is fantastic. Throughout reading multiple comics by Humphries, the writing has always been spectacular. That is no different with Blackbird #1. 

BLACKBIRD #1, Image Comics | 2018, Humphries & Bartel

The writing and art both compliment each other incredibly well. Since this is a magic, dark neo-noir fantasy, the writing needs to be peculiar. There are also moments in which need to have a certain dialogue and they are written supreme. Again, this is non-spoiler, but there will be moments that truly define this comic and it’s incredible for a first issue.

Bartel’s Art Pulls Out All The Stops

We have seen Bartel’s art across social media: Instagram, Twitter, etc. It has always intrigued us, specifically Bartel’s art form is out of this world crazy good. So, when we heard Jen and Sam were going to team up on a comic this was great news. A full comic series with essentially the best of both worlds, right? Well, Jen Bartel does incredible work on this issue. 

BLACKBIRD #1, Image Comics | 2018, Humphries & Bartel

The art is just… wow. It’s crisp, it’s clear, and it’s profound in a lot of ways as well. Each facial expression, each movement, each piece of clothing is defined and drawn in a way that engulfs you into the story and the scene. We have yet to see anything like it in the comic scene right now and Blackbird #1 does it. The panels of intensity, the panels when this big magical creature comes are all just breathtaking. 

The Takeaways From Blackbird #1

Of course, by far, the writing and art are top tiers from this issue. As a person who has anticipated this issue for a few months now, it delivered. There were expectations, as with anything, but honestly – Sam and Jen exceeded what I assumed this comic was going to be or even look like.

BLACKBIRD #1, Image Comics | 2018, Humphries & Bartel

If you are looking for a great spin on a ton of different genres, but in the best way possible – Blackbird #1 is the fall, October comic that will surprise you. There are three things that will happen to you after you read this first issue:

  1. You will wish you had blue hair.
  2. You will fangirl (as we did) a lot.
  3. And, you will believe in magic.

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Blackbird #1 by @samhumphries and @heyjenbartel is a hit of a first issue. We fangirl a ton because it's Sam and Jen, but we also give a great non-spoiler advanced review for the upcoming release October 3rd under @ImageComics.

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