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Marvel’s Netflix Series titled, Luke Cage, is where you need to be. Luke Cage, based on the comic series of the same name, is about just that. The story of a superhuman superhero who saves the world and does a little good for the town of Harlem when there is so much evil running around. Luke Cage is also a vital part of The Defenders; which includes Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Daredevil.

In A Nutshell

Luke Cage was originated in 1972, in Luke Cage, Hero For Hire #1Luke Cage is a political superhero show, one of the first that Marvel has put out. This show tackles not only the life of Luke Cage; but, also, being African-American in that same retrospect.

It tackles politically charged topics and themes you would not usually see in a Marvel Netflix series. However, this show is making a name for itself following behind the greats of Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Luke Cage has also made an appearance on Jessica Jones as her love interest.

Meet The Characters

The main character, Carl Lucas, known as Luke Cage is a former convict, but not in the way you think. He served time, but he served it being wrongfully accused. Cage has superhuman strength and unbreakable skin. Luke is a man of the neighborhood; he wants to do what is right for pops and for everyone he cares about. If he has to kick some butt along the way, then so be it. Anything for the people he cares about the most.

One of the greatest villains in Marvel Cinematic TV History is Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes. The owner of Harlem’s Paradise Nightclub and the cousin of Mariah Dillard. He deals in illegal operations, [SPOILER] he is murdered mid-way into the season by Mariah herself. He had a rough childhood and from early on was lead into the life of corruption and gangs.

One of the greatest female POC characters in all of Marvel Cinematic TV history is Misty Knight. In the comics, she is one of the best of the best and in Luke Cage, one can say she is even better. She is an NYPD Detective who is keen on justice. Knight is a person who has a solid moral compass who is dedicated to protecting her community. She is also a temporary love interest of Luke Cage. She is a main character in the show and comics.

The man of no eyes, usually called “Shades” is Hernan Alvarez. His signature staple is wearing shades everywhere he goes… even when it’s dark outside. A relentless and smooth street smart character. He can manipulate the best of them with a snap of two fingers. He works for Cottonmouth and Diamondback respectively, but he only answers to Diamondback. Shades knows Luke from the days he was in Seagate Prison but does not remember it until midway into the series.

The main villain of the Luke Cage is Willis Stryker, who is usually called “Diamondback.” He runs everything that Cottonmouth does; however, we never see him until midway through the series (closer to the end). We find out he is Luke’s half-brother, which is received midway into the season. He framed Luke for a crime he did not do, which led him to go to Seagate Prison. Stryker has a lot of rage from his childhood and is dedicated to beating it out of Cage along the way.

A character you have seen before in Daredevil is Claire Temple. She appears in every single Marvel TV series on Netflix; since they are all loosely based in New York/Harlem/Brooklyn/Hell’s Kitchen. She was a former nurse from Hell’s Kitchen (which is where she met Matt Murdock). Temple is always in the right place, at the right time, usually whenever a superhero is in need. She is the love interest of Luke at the end of the series.

The councilwoman and cousin of Cottonmouth is Mariah Dillard or “Black Mariah” from the comics. She is looking to “bring change” to Harlem, by any means possible. A majority of those means come from going along with her cousin’s schemes. Her life is often the aftermath of what Cage and Cottonmouth do; she usually gets the short end of the stick. She is not a criminal, but she does stand by while the illegal actions are taking place; which makes her just as dangerous.

The Where, When, And How Of Luke Cage

Based in Harlem, Luke is trying to make a new start. Coming from Seagate Prison after being wrongfully accused and acquitted — he is trying to start a new life. His previous lover is dead, and he does not have a meaning in life aside from his previous actions that everyone knows him for (anyone who knows him from his past).

He changed his name and is no longer Carl Lucas, and tries to change his life around and do some good. He gets a job as a janitor in Pops’ Barbershop and decides to change his life. That does not happen quickly. Corruption and evil are running amuck in the town of Harlem and Luke is going to change that… or die trying to.

Why It’s Awesome

Luke Cage

This series has made names from just being politically charged in its own right. However, there are many many things this show does correctly: villains, superheroes, soundtracks, and consistency.

Luke is becoming something more than just a superhero; he is a friend to everyone in Harlem. With his indestructible skin and his need to find out who murdered pops, he is on a rampage.

However, you never actually get that he is trying to kill everyone for the sake of killing everyone. Luke Cage has a mission every time and even if it doesn’t always work out, it will. Luke Cage is a must watch, and it’s awesome because it is genuinely a good show.

Overall Score

Show Quality10/10

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