Alright Morningstars, they gave us two weeks to process the first episode and now the show is back with “Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire” and throwing some more whammies at us. So, let’s kick this off, shall we?

We start the episode watching “Momma Morningstar” (still don’t know her real name) working through bodies trying to find Lucifer. And it seems like 3rd time is a charm because she lands in the body of Charlotte (Tricia Helfiger), a powerful business woman who’s just been murdered.

The murder comes to the attention of our dynamic duo and their sidekick. All the while, Lucifer is trying to find the nefarious deeds of his own mother behind it. He spends the majority of the episode trying to figure out what she is up to, while at the same time trying to educate her on how humans work in this time period.

Of course, they can’t just have an episode without dropping a bombshell on us: You know, something small, like the real reason she was in Hell and why Lucifer was sent there.

Once again, the writers are taking an age old story and throwing their own twist on it.  What Christianity has deemed a single deity’s creation has turned into a dual creation and setup by two authority figures, a “Mom” and a “Dad”.  With that said, I think they are doing what Supernatural did in their Season 12, by trying to humanize something that isnt human. Granted, I think a progressive transformation over the course of the season would work. Have “Mom” start to see why “Dad” was so enthralled with his creation as she spends more time with either the detective or some other human figure. Only time will tell. Currently, though, they make the dynamic between the deities and the angels seem as though they were one giant human family in celestial form.  It just would be nice if they had tried to make more of it than something as simple as that.