Lucifer ‘Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer’ Recap & Review

Well, ladies and gentlemen, Lucifer is back, and it’s definitely starting with a bang! Here’s a quick recap of what’s went on Season 1 and our review of ‘Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer’.


Season 1 Recap

In Season 1, we find out that Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) is indeed the devil, be not the devil that Christians have been led to believe. In fact, he is really more of a Warden of Hell, rather than the creator of it. After centuries of living there, he finally has had enough and decides to take a vacation in Los Angeles (caught the irony of that yet?). While there, he is introduced to Chloe Decker (Lauren German), a detective for the L.A. PD who enthralled him with her ability to resist his charms.  So of course he works his way into the department, Castle style, and begins to help her on cases. Things get a bit hinky when his normally invulnerable body is vulnerable around her. He is shot and injured twice while she is in his presence, but this is the only time he is able to be injured. This, of course, is of great amusement to his “brother” angel Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside), who has been sent down to take Lucifer back to Hell to assume his duties. We also learn that Chloe’s separated husband, Dan (Kevin Alejandro), also a L.A. PD Detective, was on the take and was involved in her officer on officer shooting that placed a corrupt cop in a coma for months. This eventually leads down to how Lucifer is injured the second time. After making a deal with God to do what he needs to do, Lucifer discovers that his mother has escaped from Hell and is now out in the world. After returning and saving Chloe, he lets Amenadiel in on what is going on. Oh and in among all this fun, Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) has disappeared and no one knows where she went!

All caught up?  Good, here comes the fun stuff!

Instead of starting the season with the usual “A few months later” card many series do, “Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer” picks up only a couple of days after the events from the series finale. Of course, the episode begins Amenadiel and Lucifer out trying to find “Mom”, apparently looking at anyone who has died and come back since she escaped. This leads to a pretty comical interaction with some diamond heisters.

As always, a case presents itself that seems as though the killer is trying to talk to Lucifer when a body shows up with two iron spikes in the skull curved to look like devils horns.  So now our daring duo, Chloe and Lucifer, are working to figure out who killed the young girl. All the while Lucifer is still trying to figure out who Mum is in, still working out his issues with his therapist, and wondering what’s happened to Maze.

Of course, Maze returns dramatically when an angry boyfriend of one of the suspects tries to kill Lucifer, and she protects her “Master” once again. It’s here when we learn that Maze has done some “soul-searching” of her own with an unknown woman and has tried to figure out her place on Earth now that they are stuck there.

There’s also a new coroner, Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia), helping them out. It turns out that she is a religious believer. This new character could mean some fun in the series since it’s going to give Chloe someone to bounce religious ideas and theories off of.

All, in all, “Everything’s coming up Lucifer” was a really great first episode for the season with some juicy revelations on the identity of Mum, and new interesting ideas to carry on throughout this second season.


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