Lucifer #15 Proves Dead People Are The Best Guests At A Party

Lucifer #15

The newest issue in Dan Watters’s run has arrived with Lucifer #15. Lucifer #15 is a comic book full of laughs and moments that will leave you wondering whether you should laugh more or be afraid. As we saw in the previous issue John Constantine will be playing a role in the current story. Constantine mixed with the witty Lucifer makes for an enjoyable read with its share of sarcasm and sassiness.

Dan Watters’s ability to blend all the different personalities of such unique characters is on full display in this book. The book has a slow start, and for the most part, is still building up the main plot of the most recent story arc. Watters is so talented that it doesn’t hinder the book in any way that the plot does not progress much. I could read the hilarious interactions between John Constantine, Lucifer, and the dead spirits all night long.

Dining With The Dead

As we saw in the previous issue, Odin and Achilles are after Lucifer who is meant to lead “the hunt.” Under the belief that Lucifer will not accept the call to lead the hunt, Odin summons a dark spirit from a black horn. Odin believes the spirit will return to him after Lucifer refuses to accept the horn and then Achilles will be able to kill Lucifer. Meanwhile, Lucifer has invited some guests to his home. These guests happen to be dead spirits. Lucifer requires help from one of these spirits to search for a god.

Lucifer #15, Page #4: Lucifer's dead guests arrive
Lucifer #15 (DC Entertainment)

The reason Lucifer needs help from the dead is due to the fact that his spirit is felt no matter where he goes. While Lucifer speaks with the spirits individually, Constantine takes advantage of his time and makes the most of the house. Finding an old bottle of alcohol which he shares with a dead German pilot who died from a bullet deflected off his own propeller; Constantine also has a moment where he is seduced by a female spirit and the two get intimate with eachother. Once the dark spirit arrives a chase ensues. The spirit chases Constantine around the house which makes for a lively set of events. With Lucifer telling Constantine to hide in a closet then telling the spirit that John is in the closet leaves you reading the scene with a smile on your face.

The Art Team Of Lucifer #15

The team of Fernando Blanco and Dee Cunniffe compliment Dan Watters’s storytelling flawlessly. It is clear from page one that the crew enjoys working together and care about the product they are putting out. Nothing is held back in the dialogue or the art. Lucifer #15 is a prime example of that.

Lucifer #15, Page #5: Odin summons the horn spirit
Lucifer #15 (DC Entertainment)

The entertainment in a book full of gore, violence, and horror, never feels out of place. The art and dialogue work so well together that it does not feel forced or stale. The pacing in this book moves swiftly, even though there is little action, the book still flows effortlessly.

What Does Lucifer #15 Bring?

Lucifer #15 is yet another spectacular book by Dan Watters and the team; a book full of thrills and comedy relief. The love for the character Lucifer grows with each passing issue. The witty sarcasm and smug carelessness of others make the devil a character that will always be able to put a smile on your face. Lucifer is one of the best products being put out right now. It is easily my favorite book in my pull list. It is refreshing to see the team put so much care and effort into a book they are clearly passionate about. I have been saying it from the start that this a book everyone should be reading. To put it simply, this booking is f*@#ing awesome!

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