Loki, As Usual, Is Petty In Loki #1

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Loki is back in his new solo comic. In Loki #1 we see a lonely looking throne of Jotunheim. You would think Loki would be sitting on his rightful throne, but nope, he is gambling at the hottest “underground” casino in New York. When Loki finally got the throne, he is running away from the royal seat. Find out why in Loki #1 written by Daniel Kibblesmith, illustrated by Oscar Bazaldua, colored by David Curiel, and letters by VC’s Clayton Cowles.

Having The Throne Is Not Everything Loki Thought It Would Be In Loki #1

Everyone is trying to find out where Loki is, but the only thing they know for sure is that he is not on his throne. The only person that knows his whereabouts is Sickle, Son Of Snarr, but he has been sworn to secrecy. Sickle keeps Loki’s location a secret until Thor comes knocking and asks where he is. Thor comes and picks up a drunk Loki at the NYPD 15th Precinct in Manhattan and drags him to Jotunheim to finish his duties.

Loki #1: Page 3, The Lonely Throne Of Jotunheim.
Loki #1 ©  Marvel Comics

When Nightmare comes to take the Throne from Loki, he gets attacked by not only the King of Jotunheim but also the King of Asgard. With both of them attacking Nightmare, he gets beat pretty easily. Loki #1 is filled with tricks, jokes, and petty fights… everything you would expect from Loki.

Daniel Kibblesmith’s Writing Is A Lot Of Fun In Loki #1

The first issue of this series is a great read. It is fun and does not take itself too seriously. Watching Loki not take responsibility for the throne, when that is all he has wanted his whole life, is very relatable. It is like when you finally get what you’ve been wanting your whole life only to realize you hyped it up too much and you do not want it anymore. Loki finally got the throne, but it is not all he thought it would be.

Loki #1: Page 2, Loki Through The Years.
Loki #1 ©  Marvel Comics

Thor being the better king and trying to help Loki make for a comical read. Loki being okay with having a snow beast that he conjured up with magic, keeping a look over his throne is just so Loki. “There. Satisfied? The Throne of Jotunheim is safe,” Loki told Thor. Kibblesmith’s Loki is a great comeback for the character and is a great first issue for this ongoing series.

The Art Of Loki #1

David Curiel’s colors are amazing to look at. One of our favorites is when we are with the frost giants. The blue is beautiful. The colors do not clash with the ice in the background because they are two different cold blues that look amazing on the page. Something that also has a great color is Loki’s iconic green shirt and cloak. The green stands out on the page and is the first thing you see when Loki is on the page. Loki has a very particular green color that is represented greatly here.

Loki #1: Page 5, Frost Giants Trying To Find Loki.
Loki #1 ©  Marvel Comics

The art by Oscar Bazaldua is a great representation of modern comic art. The characters all look great and unique. All of them look amazing and have a very 2019 feel with their hairstyles and clothes. Even though Thor and Loki are rulers of two separate realms, the artist did a great job mixing medieval European styles with 2019 fashion. Bazaldua also uses great perspectives and interesting angles. Not every panel has a straight look at the character. It is like when you take a photograph but direct the focus away from the center.

This Is A Must Read For Any Loki Fan

Without a doubt, this is a great read. With the tragic loss of Loki in Avengers: Infinity War, this is a great way to still have the character in our lives. With writing from Kibblesmith and illustrations by Bazaldua this is a great team to bring the character back.

Loki #1: Page 15, Loki On The Throne
Loki #1 ©  Marvel Comics

We at The Daily Fandom could not help but enjoy this comic to the fullest. With the funny writing, Loki being petty as usual, and the great art, this is an enjoyable comic with everything you could want out of a Loki story.

Loki #1 by Daniel Kibblesmith, Oscar Bazaldua, David Curiel, and VC's Clayton Cowles
Loki's First Comic Is Full Of Ups And Downs For The King Of Jotunheim.
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