LGBT Fans Deserve Better is launching a new fan project to celebrate The 100‘s Clexa fandom as well as to contribute to the LGBT community by releasing a book of creative fan works to raise funds for Trevor Project.

The Clexa fandom has gone through many things in this past few months, some good and some pretty bad. Their fight is not over, though. Regardless of what happens in canon, the relationship between Clarke Griffin and Lexa will live on in the Clexa fandom.

Among some of the amazing projects that have been born from The 100‘s controversial decisions is LGBT Fans. LGBT fans have planned a surprise for the fandom by contacting 20+ fan artists to make this Clexa fan art book possible. The result is a 60+ page 8×11” book of fan artworks and a couple of written pieces by the Clexa fandom.

While the front cover is still kept secret, you can already take a look at the back cover, a piece that fan artist PapurrCat created especially for the project:

The 100 - Clexa - The Daily Fandom


LGBTFans have already paid for an initial run of 100 books. Each book will cost $30 and 100% of the profits will be used as a fundraiser for the Trevor Project. A second run of books is already being planned. Additionally — because they expect demand to be higher — for the initial run they will be setting up a lottery. They will randomly select 100 people from a list of interested fans for a first chance at the book. More details on this lottery system will be coming out soon as their goal is to make it as fair as possible for everyone.

There’s still no release date as the creators won’t get a sample book for approval until mid/late next week. However, you can stay tuned to their social media (Twitter) for more upcoming information on the lottery, payment process, book details and so on. You can also ask them any questions you might have on their Tumblr, where they are currently answering questions.

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