Levi Ackerman’s age in Attack on Titan Season 4 is not explicitly stated. However, based on his age in previous seasons and the timeline of the story, he is likely in his early to mid-thirties. 

In Season 1, he was around 30 years old, and the events of Season 4 take place approximately four years after the events of Season 1.

What Is Levi’s Age In Season 4?

Levi Ackerman’s exact age is not specified in Attack on Titan Season 4, but based on his birth year, he is likely in his early to mid-30s. 

In the manga, his birth year is given as 1980, which would make him 32 years old at the start of the Attack on Titan anime series. 

Assuming a four-year time skip from Season 3 to Season 4, Levi would be around 36 years old in Season 4. However, it’s important to note that his exact age is never stated explicitly in the anime.

Relevant Background Information of Levi from Attack On Titan

Levi Ackerman, otherwise known as “Humanity’s Strongest“, is one of the main protagonists of the popular manga/anime franchise Attack on Titan. 

He is a member of the elite military squad known as the Special Operations Squad. This squad is tasked with taking on the Titans, the giant humanoid monsters that threaten humanity.

Levi has been a major driving force in the plot since his introduction and has gained a large following of fans due to his dedication and skill in taking on the Titans. 

Levi's Age

Being the captain of the Special Operations Squad and leader of the Survey Corps, Levi is highly respected and feared as one of the strongest human beings in the universe. 

He also has a strong moral compass and a surprisingly casual yet effective way of leading. 

His years of training and experience have helped to hone his skills as a swordsman, acrobat, and military leader. 

Aside from his prowess in battle, Levi is also highly intelligent, often displaying the ability to think strategically and problem-solve on the spot. 

He is also very passionate and has developed a strong bond with his comrades. However, all of this is balanced out by his devil-may-care attitude and dry wit, making him a favorite among fans. 

What is levis age in the season 4 manga – Attack On Titan

In the manga series, Attack on Titan, Levi appears to be in his mid-20s. Throughout the series, we can see that he is the most experienced soldier in the Survey Corps, displaying tactics and strategies that are sophisticated even compared to his comrades. 

Levi’s age is first revealed in the year 850 when he was 27 years old. He says that he was born in 823, 8 years before Eren.

how old is levi in season 1

At the beginning of the first anime season, Levi is 28 years old and is one of the longest-serving members of the Survey Corps. 

This is again made evident in season two, where there are multiple references to his extensive experience in the Corps. By the fourth season of the anime, Levi is 30 years old.

How old is Levi now?

Levi is now in his late thirties, and although he may not look it he’s definitely not a kid anymore. To be exact he’s between 36 and 39 years old. 

Although his exact age is not known, we can make an accurate guess based on him having reached certain milestones in life. 

Levi has had a long, successful career that started in the mid-to-late twenties. He worked in the software industry, which provided a steady and stimulating work environment that embraced his skills and ambition. For many years, he worked a day in and day out, striving to progress and further his career.

His career really took off in his late twenties, and that was when Levi began to really make a name for himself in the industry. 

what is levi's age in season 4

He was asked to lead projects and teams and eventually, his career successes started to pay off financially. He was able to start buying himself some luxurious possessions

Is Levi a villain or a hero in Attack On Titan?

Levi Ackerman is considered a hero in Attack on Titan. He is a skilled and experienced soldier who fights against the Titans to protect humanity, and he has been instrumental in many important missions and battles. 

Levi is a member of the Survey Corps, which is dedicated to exploring the world beyond the walls and uncovering the secrets of the Titans. 

He is also known for his strong sense of justice and his willingness to do whatever it takes to protect his comrades and innocent people from harm. 

While he is often portrayed as an anti-hero, due to his cold and detached personality, his actions throughout the series demonstrate that he is fighting for the greater good.

Which manga does Levi come in?

Levi comes from the Attack on Titan manga series, which is written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama

The manga takes place in a world where the last remaining humans live behind walls in order to protect them from the mysterious Titans, who are giant humanoid creatures that roam outside their fortifications. 

Levi is a major character in the series and is a pivotal leader in The Survey Corps. He is an incredibly strong and capable fighter and is one of the most respected and feared soldiers in the entire army. 

how old levi in season 4

The manga series, which first released its first chapter in 2009, focuses on the struggles of Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Alert as they fight against the Titans, giant, human-like beings that roam and terrorize a post-apocalyptic landscape. 

In their fight against the Titans, the three recruits are supported by the elite Survey Corps, led by the stoic Levi. 

Since his introduction to the manga, Levi has become an incredible fighter and a leader in the Survey Corps. 

Although he is a relatively peaceful person, Levi has no qualms about using brutal strength and using power against the enemies of mankind. 

This has endeared him to readers, who admire his strength and resolve, making him an iconic character in the manga and anime series.

But with icons come expectations, and Levi is no less of them. Throughout the story, Levi faces a multitude of challenges where his skills and determination come to the test. 

From the troublesome Beast Titan to the mysterious Zeke, to the numerous fights with the Titans over the course of the story, Levi is put through the ringer. Fans have been eagerly waiting to see if Levi manage

What manga chapter does Levi die in?

Levi does not die in any of the manga chapters. Indeed, Levi has been through a lot during the course of Attack on Titan and he has even come dangerously close to death, but the beloved captain of the Survey Corps never actually died in the manga. 

Hajime Isayama, the creator of Attack on Titan, intentionally left the ending between Zeke and Levi open-ended while also allowing us to consider many possibilities. 

In the conclusion of season 4 part 1 of the anime, we saw Zeke cause an explosion that sent Levi flying through the air, leading viewers to assume the worst. 

However, the manga does not actually specify what the fate of Levi was in this scene, so readers must make their own conclusion. 

The only thing that Isayama provided us with were some illustrations of Eren and the four others saved from an unknown explosion — it is left to the reader to decide whether Levi was included in this small group or not.

Despite Levi’s uncertain fate, Eren himself confirms in the latest manga chapter, ch. 120, that Levi himself is still alive but why he chose to keep silent about it is unknown. Also, so far no one has seen Levi himself since the mission at Liberio. 

Who defeated Levi in Attack On Titan?

Towards the end of season 4, Levi’s uncanny strength is tested against an enemy force comprised of members from various branches of the military- the Anti-Personnel Control Squad. The squad is led by Zeke, who is an Eldian Warrior and the half-brother of Eren Jaeger. 

how old is eren in season 4

The fight between Levi and the Anti-Personnel Control Squad is intense and long. Despite the odds being stacked against the Survey Corps veteran, Levi’s acrobatic movements allow him to gain the upper hand and land a few successful blows. 

However, despite his valiant efforts, he is eventually overwhelmed. Trapped and worn down, Levi’s power is taken from him and he is rendered immobile.

Ultimately, it’s Zeke who defeats Levi in attack on Titan. While Levi is a strong soldier with a rich military background, his age and experience prove no match for the agility and sheer power of the Warriors. 

Levi’s defeat at Zeke’s hands brings about an uneasy peace and a deeper understanding of the conflict between Marley and Paradis.


To conclude, it is undeniable that speculating Levi’s age in Season 4 of Attack on Titan is a complex task. 

Many factors, such as the events of Season 3, the fact that one year passes in the narrative between the series, and the possibility of anime adaptation differences must all be taken into account when attempting to calculate Levi’s age. 

Ultimately, Levi is likely 30 years old in Season 4. This conclusion is based on evidence from the manga and anime, as well as the logical sequencing of events between


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