Teen Titans Go, a reboot of Teen Titans, does narratives so different from what is on television right now. Developers Michael Jelenic and Arron Harvoth enjoy producing their superhero action cartoons with a comedic emphasis. If you watch Teen Titans Go! you will realize that the character’s exaggerated outrages personality cannot be compared to their counterparts — the original Teen Titans.

Comparing Teen Titan Go! Narratives With Teen Titans

Teen Titans Go! is radically different from Teen Titans because if you watch Teen Titans the original, the narratives for each episode are relatively the same. The Titans live their teenage life until an antagonist intrudes and introduces mayhem in a physical, psychological, and/or socially manner. The Titans defeat the antagonist and resume their teenage cycle until the next episode.

Teen Titans Go! versus Teen Titans.
Warner Bros. Studios, 2019

However, Teen Titans Go! are not your average hero. They’re mainly teenagers so that allows for variety in narrative development. The writers narrow the audience’s attention to the main subject. The subject changes throughout the duration of the show. The subjects aren’t limited to crime-fighting.

Are These Changes To The Teen Titans Good Or Bad For Audience Members?

The writers know their alterations to the show aren’t well-received by certain people. Some people aren’t into the idea of the evil Trigon having silly dance parties with Star Fire. The writers mention the audience’s disappointment when Control Freak makes his appearance on Teen Titans Go!

Trigon getting Raven jealous by being a father to StarFire.
Cartoon Network, 2014

They are more concerned with their targeted audience, the children. Teen Titans Go! continues to create more episodes because the children are satisfied with their laughs. Consider a child’s knowledge of narrative. Most children aren’t familiar with narrative so the writers can be more flexible with narrative.

Now Let’s See Which Episodes Show Great Changes To Narrative

As mentioned previously, Control Freak represents those who dislike the show. He’s usually on Titan’s TV Screen plotting to destroy them by shattering the fourth wall. According to Control Freak, he rebooted the Original Teen Titans to create the New Teen Titans. That’s plain evil!

Control Freak in Teen Titians GO!
Cartoon Network, 2014

By breaking the fourth wall, Control Freak is able to tell the audience the flaws, such as their bad animation or how they lack the character development of their counterparts. This makes Control freak the real critic of the show. Here are a couple of episodes with Control Freak: “Friendship,” “The Fourth Wall,” “The Titans Show,” “Classic Titans.”

Let’s Change Realties!

On occasion, the Teen Titans changed realities to fit the main subject of the episode, so there will be a different animation scheme. On “Squash and Stretch,” in order to commit violence against a squirrel that stole their nuts. They change into “Teen Titronz,” an action cartoon to commit violence in a justice manner to get their revenge.

Teen Titans as "Teen Titronz" in "Squash And Stretch."
Cartoon Network, 2016

The Night Begins to Shine is a four-part episode in which a magical song titled “The Night Begins to Shine.” The Titans teleport into another dimension where night always shines when the song plays, showing how music is a reality of its own. Here are more episodes where the writers change animation so they can play with this idea: “Dreams,” “Puppets Whaaaaat?,” “Let’s Get Serious,” “The Cape.”

Teen Titans in "The Night Begins To Shine."
Cartoon Network, 2017

TV Knights

In season four, “TV knight one, two, and three” involves Batman and commissioner Gordon watching TV in the Bat Cave. They watch multiple narratives in one episode. Each narrative presents a different show, such as a sitcom, or cooking show, or music video through an individual Titan. The titans are always doing something different every minute so one episode may seem like 8.

Batman and Commissioner Gordon watch Teen Titans Go!
Cartoon Network, 2017

One More Thing… The Songs Are Great!

The show is known to produce its own music for the show. So much thought is put into each song. If you consider their aggressive schedule to produce episodes, their songs are great to listen to. The songs also emphasize the narrative’s subject.

Beast Boy singing To Terra about how reality cuts like a knife.
Cartoon Network, 2014

Here are some episodes that have great songs to reflect the subject of the episode: “Booty Scooty,” “Shrimps and Prime Rib,” “BBRAE 1 and 2,” “Justice League Next Top Talent Idol Star,” and much more. I hope with this list of episodes to watch you’ll also experience laughter.

If You Haven’t Watched Teen Titans Go! Play Some Episodes!

It’s understood that the original show is nothing like the current show but don’t let the changes discourage you. Modern changes that the show creates make for a comedic essence that will make you laugh. Hopefully, if you choose to watch an episode, you’ll love it as much as we do.