The actress who became the talk of the town for her daring kiss scene with Seo-Joon Park in the drama “Fight for My Way”…

We’d like to introduce you to Lee Elijah, an actress with an exotic face and a mysterious vibe who’s getting a lot of attention right now! We have compiled her profile, dramas, her hot boyfriend, and Instagram.

Lee Elijah’s Profile

Lee Elijah’s Profile

Name: Lee Elijah

Date of Birth: Born on February 19, 1990

Place of Birth: Born in Changwon, Korea 163cm

Weight: 48kg

Blood Type: Type AB

Education: Korea National High School of Arts, Department of Theater and Film; Seoul National University of the Arts, Performance Department, Acting (Musical Selection)

Lee Elijah’s personal life

When Lee Elijah was a student, she wanted to become a stage actress in plays and musicals. When Elijah finished one musical, she realized that what she needed was an acting experience, and she became interested in the broadcasting industry as well.

Lee Elijah was selected at an open audition where new actresses were given the opportunity and suddenly debuted as the lead in the 2013 drama “Basketball“.

After finishing her school years and becoming a working adult, Elijah played the lead role in the drama, to which she seemed to be very attached. However, the drama was shortened from the originally planned 24 episodes to 18 episodes and ended prematurely.

Lee Elijah also won the year-end New Star Award for “The Return of Hwang Geum-Bok” in 2015. She became a mass-market actress with the hit “Fight for My Way” in 2017.

For the role of Hye-rang, the director suggested trying a makeover. Lee Elijah decided to cut off her hair to fit the character. It suited her image, and she got her breakthrough role as a villain!

Her daring kiss scene with the lead actor, Park Seo-Joon, became a hot topic of conversation, and after the show aired, she stopped reading anything on the Internet.

lee elijah's boyfriend

Since then, Elijah has become a familiar face on various variety shows and is active in a variety of fields.

From her debut until now, she is said to resemble Ms. Lee Tae Im, an actress four years older than her.

Lee Elijah’s Real Name & Meaning 

Lee Elijah says she is often asked if she is half Korean because of her name and exotic looks, but she is totally Korean. Her last name is Lee and her first name is Elijah, which is his real name. She says that his real name is Elijah, which is derived from the name of a biblical figure.

*”Elijah” in the Bible is a prophet representing the Old Testament of the Bible as a leader who did not bow down to any power or force but defended the identity of his people majestically with faith and conviction.

Lee Elijah’s Drama List

2013 Basketball

2014 Wonderful Days

2015 The Return of Hwang Geum Bok

2015 Heroes

2016 Uncontrollably Fond

2017 Fight for My Way

lee elijah profile
Still from The Last Empress

2018 The Last Empress

2019 The Chief of Staff

2021 Delayed Justice

Lee Elijah’s Boyfriend & Views on Love

From what we’ve been able to find, there have been no reported flings so far!

On a variety show in August 2018, she was asked the question, “Have you ever been courted by more than five celebrities?” indicating that she is very popular in the entertainment industry.

lee elijah drama list
Lee Elijah’s My Boss Girl K-drama

As for her love style, she said that she’s a cautious person, both in the beginning and in the end. As for Elijah, an ideal man is someone she can talk to all night long while stargazing.

It means that he has to be easy to be with and trustworthy. You have to be able to communicate well. Someone who can look at the stars in the night sky with her, and has emotional codes similar to her.

Did Lee Elijah Get Plastic Surgery?

Personally, I don’t think she looks like she has had plastic surgery, but I still have my suspicions about the beautiful actress.

Although Lee Elijah is a topic of conversation on the Korean Internet, there is no graduation album of her school days that can be used as a basis for judging her. Therefore, it is impossible to compare them.

Lee Elijah has been famous for her orchid since her school days, and the fact that none of her classmates have disclosed her graduation photo album is proof that she is already a natural beauty!

Lee Elijah’s Instagram

She is not very IT savvy and is not active on social networking sites. Elijah posts very little! She only has 3 posts currently on the Instagram.

Lee Elijah got her break in Fight for My Way and already has two dramas lined up for the first half of 2018 alone! I think going from villain to breakout is a pretty good route to take! She’s one to keep an eye on!

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