Kuroko no Baket: Probably the most popular basketball anime after the classic Slam Dunk. Kuroko no Basket takes the best things in basketball, adds some elements of action shonen, charismatic characters and a big dose of humor.

In A Nutshell

The series tells the story of a middle school team known as the “Generation of Miracles”, which was known for demolishing all competition. When entering high school, the members of that team were separated and spread into different high school teams. However, there was another player in the “Generation of Miracles”, someone they called “the phantom sixth man”. This phantom player is Kuroko, who is a freshman at Seirin High. In that team, Kuroko will try to defeat his past teammates and prove to them that team work is more important than individual talent through his basketball.

Meet the Characters

kuroko tetsuya - kuroko no basket - the daily fandom

Kuroko Tetsuya

Kuroko is the main character of the story. He’s a quiet high school student and his biggest characteristic is that no one ever notices his presence. This helps him when playing basketball because no one ever sees him which makes it super easy to circulate the ball through his crazy passes. When I started watching the show he even gave me some L vibes. He’s got a strange sense of humor deep down.



kagami taiga - kuroko no basket - the daily fandom

Kagami Taiga

Just like Kuroko, Kagami’s in his first year and has just joined Seirin. He lived in the USA for a while. He’s a PW and has great jumping abilities. At first he doesn’t accept Kuroko because he thinks he’s weak but then they become friends and they work perfectly in the court. His biggest flaw is that he’s very impetuous and hates to lose, which makes him commit mistakes.



Riko Aida - kuroko no basket - the daily fandom

Riko Aida

Riko is Seirin’s coach and, obviously, the only girl in the team. Her father was also a trainer so she’s always been involved with sports. She’s very talented when it comes to analysing players and pointing their biggest qualities and flaws. She’s not just the coach but also a big friend of the boys, knowing whenever one of them is going through rough times.



Junpei Hyuga - kuroko no basket - the daliy fandom

Junpei Hyuga

Junpei Hyuga is the captain of the team. He’s in second year, just like the rest of the team. Even though his appearance is quite average and not as flashy as many of the players he faces, he’s very reliable as a shooting guard and he’s very good with 3 pointers. He’s very collected and calm and, even though he doesn’t really believe it, his teammates insist that he’s a great captain.


A Brief History of Kuroko no Basket: The When, Where and How

Kuroko no Basket is a Japanese manga series created by Tadatoshi Fujimaki that was published from 2008 to 2014. The anime produced by Production I.G. started airing in 2012. The show has three seasons of 25 episodes each, the third one being about to finish.

The series also has produced light novels, audio CDs and a videogame. Kuroko no Basket was quite popular as the manga was the third highest selling manga in 2013.

Why It’s Awesome

kuroko no basket - the daily fandom

Kuroko no Basket is a sports anime, so whether you’re gonna like it or not depends on whether you like sports and, more specifically, basketball, as this anime requires for some basic basketball knowledge. However, all the techniques and moves that happen are usually explained pretty well and it’s also possible to enjoy the anime without being a basketball geek. You’ll even get to learn some things!

However, keep in mind that this anime is quite unrealistic. The first season is pretty good and realistic in basketball terms, but after that they start adding some elements of shonen fights such as special techniques or power ups that makes it really hard to imagine happening in real life. Especially considering that they’re high school kids, not NBA players. Despite of that, the show still manages to stay unpredictable and incredibly exciting. In the middle of a very tight game they will start giving you the thoughts or flashbacks of a certain player, meaning that that’s the player who deserves to win. But yeah, that doesn’t happen. In that sense, KNB is more realistic since basketball is a very unfair game in which many times it all comes down to pure luck.

There’s also place for humor, although it usually happens outside of the court, when they’re talking in training or having a milkshakes, something that they do very often.

There is a lack of female characters, although it is partly justified since it’s male basketball. However, they still add some females, usually in the position of coaches.

Again, this is a sports anime so it’ll all come down to your taste. I’d say give it a try and watch the first episode and then decide from that. To be honest, after watching the first episode I was hooked and I caught up with it in a week. Why? Because every team is charismatic and every game is different from the other. There’s companionship, there’s rivalry, there’s excitement, there’s awesome animation and a good dose of humor. What else could you ask for in a sports anime?

Overall Score

Category Score
Show Quality 7 / 10
Characters 8 / 10 
Fandom 8 / 10
Animation/OST 8 / 10
Drama/Comedy 8 / 10
Total 44’5 / 50