Konosuba: When being stuck in a fantasy world is not as fun as you had imagined it to be.

In A Nutshell

Konosuba follows the story of a neet who is sent to a fantasy world after he dies in an accident. Once there, he forms a pretty peculiar party with a goddess, a magician, and a crusader to fight against monsters and live many adventures. KonoSuba is a parody of the isekai/trapped-in-another-world genre, a very popular genre in Japanese light novels.

Meet the Characters

Kazuma Satou - Konosuba - The Daily FandomKazuma is the main character of the story. Back in Japan, he was known as what’s called an otaku and a neet, although he denies both. As the gamer he is, Kazuma expects this new fantasy world to be full of exciting adventures like his RPG games. Kazuma is often sarcastic and is quick to get annoyed by the antics of his party members. He’s also a bit of a pervert.


aqua - konosuba - the daily fandomBelieve it or not, Aqua is a goddess. She’s dragged to this fantasy world along with Kazuma against her will. She’s a goddess of water and can use magic, although her favorite magic tricks are for entertaining people at parties. Aqua is  hyper, childish and mischievous, which makes Kazuma get angry at her very often. She thrives on other people’s praises and is also very quick to cry when things don’t go her way.


meguminMegumin is the first person to join Kazuma’s party. She’s the youngest of the group and suffers from 8th grade syndrome. Megumin is lively and calm, but can be easily triggered when challenged. Despite being an archwizard, she only likes using one spell: “Explosion”. This spell  makes her target explode, but then leaves her weak and unable to move for a while… which is quite problematic.

darkness - konosuba - the daily fandomDarkness is the last person to join Kazuma’s party. She’s seen as very attractive by Kazuma, but she has some personality flaws: she’s a pervert, and a masochist… which makes for a pretty strange combination. Darkness is a crusader and is always wearing an armor and a sword. Because of her masochist nature, she tends to put herself in harm’s way to protect others. She’s also so clumsy that she can never hit her target.

A Brief History of Konosuba: the When, Where and How

KonoSuba is a comedic Japanese webnovel series created and written by Natsume Akatsuki. The series was revised into a printed light novel series with illustrations by Kurone Mishima, and began publication under Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko in October 2013. After being adapted into different media like a manga (2014) and a radio drama DC (2015), the story was finally adapted into an anime series in 2016. Produced by Studio Deen, the anime consisting of 10 episodes aired between January and March 2016. The series was so successful that a second season was announced a few months later, and will air in Winter 2017.

Why It’s Awesome

Konosuba - The Daily Fandom
Konosuba is a parody of the stuck-in-another-world premise, but you don’t have to have watched a lot of series of that genre to get its humor. Konosuba plays with the expectations of the main character who is transported to a new world believing that fantasy worlds are much more exciting than life on Earth. And we can’t really blame them, I’m sure many geeks have thought the same at some point (I know I have).

Life in this new fantasy world is not how Kazuma expected it to be. At all. The party members are problematic and hard to deal with, they never have any money, and whenever they do, something goes wrong that ruins everything. It never gets dramatic, and there aren’t any serious arguments among members either. This is, after all, a comedy series.

However, Konosuba‘s highlight is its characters. Aside from the fact that the character designs are very appealing and unique, all characters are equally likable and relevant to the plot. Kazuma is very easy to like as he represents the point of view of the audience who reacts to all the madness going on. The rest of the party members are all equally funny and have very distinct personalities. Aqua and Megumin are actually two of the most popular and memorable female characters of anime in 2016.

Overall Score

Category Score
Show Quality 7.5/10
Characters 9/10
Fandom 9/10
Animation/OST 8/10
Drama/Comedy 8/10
Total 41.5/50