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Konosuba Season 2 Review: Not As ‘Explosive’ As the First One

Konosuba ranks among the most successful and critically-acclaimed anime of 2016. The series’ second season meets expectations, although it disappoints in some other aspects.

(Mild) Spoilers!

Anyone in the anime industry will tell you that there are very few things harder than making a good sequel to a highly popular series. Sadly, the results don’t matter as much as long as the sales are at least half as good. That seems to be the case with Konosuba.

Its second season does not add a lot to the story, but it still manages to bring the laughs and enjoyment it was expected of the series. Let’s be honest – most people don’t watch Konosuba for the world building, but for the comedy. And Konosuba has a whole lot of that.

The incredibly likable cast is back, and so are their ridiculous dynamics and crazy shenanigans (with less frog hunting this time). There’s still plenty of filler, but this time the show also makes some room for character development, especially for Darkness and her family. We also get to see the badass side of Wiz, and we get the introduction of Megumin’s friend and enemy, Yunyun.

Konosuba Season 2 review
Unfortunately, there’s not much else to say in the character department. Yes, Kazuma is still as funny as ever, but Megumin doesn’t have a big role, and Aqua gets quite annoying (and not in a funny way). This season actually shines brightly in its second half with the Axis Order arc. The city of Alcanretia looked beautiful and seeing Kazuma and the others trying to avoid the citizens who aggressively tried to convert them to their cult was hilarious.

The final fight is also quite decent, and pretty well-animated. And that’s saying something considering this season has had its fair share of problems with QUALITY and right-down poor animation. It might be excusable to help the comedy in unimportant scenes, but at least Studio DEEN had the decency of stepping up their game when it mattered.

konosuba season 2 - aqua
All things considered, Konosuba Season 2 is more of the same, which can be seen both as good and bad. Good because it provides the same level of fun and entertainment that’s expected of it, and bad because it relies on the same old gags, causing it to come off as repetitive.

In many aspects, Season 2 of Konosuba feels like a tribute to the fans, or a quick desperate attempt to make as much profit as possible while it’s still relevant. Fans were still pleased with the season and held on to what made the first one so likable, but as a casual viewer, I felt myself getting easily tired of the “EXPLOOOOSION”s or Aqua’s stupidity.

So will there be a Season 3? It’s hard to say at this point, but it doesn’t seem very likely. At least not as likely as it did last time when Season 2 was announced in the final episode. Still, there’s a special event on April 9th, so nothing is set in stone.

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