Killjoys ‘The Sugar Point Run’ Review: Conflicting morals


WARNING: This review contains spoilers

While the first episode focused more on the world building (or more like universe building), ‘The Sugar Point Run’ adopted the typical format of a ‘case of the week’ episode. And I kind of prefer it that way.

This week, The Company asks Dutch to return a criminal to his warlord, who happens to be his sister, in exchange for the mayor’s daughter that they had taken as hostage. In this episode, the writers decided to make John stay behind so that Dutch and D’Avin could get some bonding time. Picking up from last episode’s discussion, there’s still a debate on what D’Avin should do: stay with them or leave. We could already tell that his time with Dutch would kind of influence that decision for the end of the episode. Meanwhile, John stayed in the ship, which goes by the name of Lucy and acts like another member of the crew.

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We also got to find out a bit more about the series’ universe and its revolutions. Apparently, Sugar Point’s workers rose up against The Company, who killed all their families and friends. Having learnt that version of the story, I thought for a moment that Dutch would actually change her mind and help these people. But that didn’t happen, further establishing our main female character as some sort of antagonist. However, there’s still a lot that we don’t know about her and her past and, considering she was constantly forced into ‘kill or be killed’ situations, that might have shaped the way in which she sees the world.

While working on the case and facing several complications, D’Aving also opens up and reveals that he’s actually looking for a doctor for some reason. As a result of this, and their time together, Dutch offers him a place as a killjoy.

The episode ends with Dutch opening up that mysterious red box and finding a blade and the name of the man she had to kill, which she did in the very last scene.

I’m still liking the relationship between the three main characters and I really hope it becomes more than just a love triangle. There are still a lot of things that I would like to know: what is this war and revolutions going on in the background? What role does religion have in all of this? Are there different species? We are only in the second episode so we can expect to find out more about that in the next episodes, or even in a second season!


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