Having decided what to do with D’Avin, ‘The Harvest’ deals with his actual capability to become a killjoy while John goes on an undercover mission with Dutch for the sake of good old times.

WARNING: This review contains spoilers

‘The Harvest’ starts with D’Avin and John applying for D’Avin to be a killjoy. Something he manages to succeed on except for one small detail: Dutch wants him to go to the doctor to get himself checked for all those nightmares he’s been having. Oh, and he’s also been placed on Level 4, one level higher than John.

Picking up from where we left off in the previous episode, instead of killing the man she had to kill, Dutch interrogates him on why they want him dead. He claims that he knows nothing and begs for his life as Dutch threatens to burn him alive. He manages to convince her and she lets him go but promises to kill him in a much more painful way if she finds out he was lying.

While John is having his sexy time with a woman called Noah, she tells him about his missing husband, Vincent, and asks him to return him home within two days. Otherwise, his work visa will expire and she will have to take on his punishment.

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Listening to Dutch’s advice, D’Avin stays behind with doctor Pawter. Good for John, who wanted Dutch and him to go to this mission the two of them alone before D’Avin joins the team. As they go undercover and explore what is going on with the missing people harvesters from Leith, we get to see how these two actually work together which is something we didn’t really get to see until now. After all, D’Avin appeared in the very first episode.

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Meanwhile, D’Avin is struggling to work with the doctor. They end up using each other for their own benefits. Apparently, doctor Pawter had taken him to the fireworks to test him and she was right: D’Avin gets flashbacks from war. PTSD confirmed, it’s obvious that he is not fit to be a killjoy. However, she signs the certificate anyway and makes him promise that he will get treatment, which apparently she will be providing.

‘The Harvest’ put the spotlight on building the relationship between John and Dutch. It also worked as a way of saying “hey, it’s going to be two guys from now on but John is irreplaceable to Dutch”. John and Dutch promise not to have more secrets from now on, although Dutch is already breaking her part of the promise for not telling him about her past and what she’s currently doing in secret. I just hope it gets resolved before the season ends.