We have talked about Killing It! the web series before, and the time has come again to talk about the season finale. If you don’t know anything about Killing It! then let’s do a little recap from our first promo article we did.

You can also find that here, too if you want to go back and read it!

About Killing It!

This series is told in self-contained vignettes, taking place in Kaps’s one-room garage apartment. This Long Island-based series follows Mares and Kaps. Mares is a self-obsessed, wannabe actress, and Kaps is her artistic, optimistic best friend. Pretty stinkin’ cool, right? Right! The series follows the two as they make their way towards stardom or death, but we hope for stardom.

The series is filmed in a one-room garage apartment, which is a cool take on web series and the setting itself. This is Jonathan’s (Kaps) small apartment in NY. Marianne Bayard (Actress) and Jonathan Kaplan (Comedian and Artist) explore their real-life experiences in exaggerated and self-effacing ways.

This makes it the most entertaining of all.  By setting in on their pain, humiliation, hopes, and fears, they hope viewers can relate to and enjoy some truths in their comedy.

Where Can I Find Them?

You can watch the series here, and donate here if you would like.

The second to last episode has already aired, and you can watch that below. Before that, you can binge watch the entire season if you like. Stay tuned for the epic finale of Killing It! on Wednesday, November 1st, 2017!

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