Killing It! Web Series is A Must Watch!

Killing It! web series is another one that should be on your radar; this Long Island-based web series follows Mares and Kaps. Mares is a self-obsessed, wannabe actress, and Kaps… well, Kaps is her artistic, optimistic best friend. This web series follows the two as they make their way towards stardom… or death, but hopefully stardom.

Killing It!

This web series is told in self-contained vignettes, taking place in Kaps’s one-room garage apartment. Which, already, is a gnarly way to start a web series. Killing It! web series was selected for’s Screening Festival at the IFP Center in Brooklyn, NY in March 2017. The first season has seven great episodes waiting for you to watch — they are about 2-4 minutes long.

This web series takes place in the one-room garage apartment, which is in Jonathan’s (Kaps) small apartment in NY. Actress Marianne Bayard and comedian/artist Jonathan Kaplan explore their real-life experiences in exaggerated and self-effacing ways; that alone is what makes this web series something entertaining to watch. By setting in on their pain, humiliation, hopes, and fears, they hope viewers can relate to and enjoy some truths in their comedy.

Episodes & More!

This web series is based so closely on real-life experiences that you, as a viewer, can relate in your own ways. Even though the situation is not the same, you can relate to the way these actors and actresses feel. You can watch the series here, and donate here if you would like.

You can watch the first episode and trailer below!

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